IEC 61753-1-2020 Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components – Performance standard – Part 1: General and guidance.
4 Abbreviations
FMC field mountable connector
FMS fibre management system
ODFM optical distribution frame module
5 Preparation of a performance standard
5.1 Performance standard title
The performance standard title shall be clear. This information shall include
– the product description,
– the appropriate performance category, and
– any other variant or differentiation information to distinguish it from other performance standards.
5.2 Tests
The tests to be carried out on the product in order for it to meet the performance standard shall be clearly defined, including those which are product specific. No ambiguity or options shall be allowed.
The selected tests combined with the severities/durations, groupings/sequencing, method used and pass/fail criteria shall be indicative of a defined operating service environment.
The test method to be used shall be clearly defined for each test. Wherever possible, the test method shall be selected from the IEC 61 300 (all parts), but where this is not possible other test methods may be defined. If an undefined test method is used, the test method and details to be specified shall be included in the appropriate annex of the performance standard. Performance standards may call up additional tests that may be needed to fully characterise a particular connector or component.
5.3 Details
The details to be considered (severities and durations) shall be given for all tests and measurements defined in a performance standard. They shall be directly related to the performance requirements defined by the operating service environment. No ambiguity or options are allowed.
5.4 Requirements
The performance requirements that shall be satisfied in order for the product to comply with the performance standard shall be specified for each test and/or measurement. No ambiguities are allowed.
5.5 Sample size
The sample size for each test shall be defined in the appropriate annex of the performance standard. No deviations are allowed.
5.6 Sample definition
The sample to be tested shall be defined in the relevant performance standard.
5.7 Groupings/sequences
In general, no sequencing is required and each test is intended to be performed individually.
When applicable, test groups and test sequences can be required by the user, user group or manufacturer.
5.8 Pass/fail criteria
Where required by the performance category, the pass/fail criteria shall be unambiguously stated for each test within the performance standard. No deviation or exceptions are allowed.
5.9 Reference product definition
Where a performance standard requires the use of a reference product or component, the reference product shall be clearly defined in the appropriate annex of the performance standard.
5.1 0 Performance standard test report
Conformance to a performance standard shall be supported by a test report. The test report shall clearly demonstrate that the tests were carried out in accordance with the requirements of the performance standard and provide full details of the tests together with a pass/fail declaration. All test and measurement requirements shall be satisfied before a component may be declared to be in compliance with the performance standard.
The failure of any product to comply with a particular test or sequence of tests shall be reported in the performance standard test report. An analysis of the cause of the failure shall be undertaken and any corrective actions taken shall be described.
If no design changes are made to the product, the test or test sequence where the failure occurred shall be rerun with the results of both tests reported.
If design changes are made, another complete performance standard test programme shall be undertaken. Any tests previously completed successfully shall be repeated with new samples.IEC 61753-1 pdf download.