IEC 60519-1-2020 Safety in installations for electroheating and electromagnetic processing – Part 1: General requirements.
5 Risk assessment
This document is based on the risk assessment provided in Annex A.
This risk assessment shall be expanded and specified accordingly throughout the development of the Particular requirements of IEC 6051 9 (all parts). The risk assessment in Annex A covers a very broad cluster of equipment and installations, therefore it is quite generic and may not cover specific origins, particular hazardous situations or events, or potential consequences in the details deemed necessary by the manufacturer. The manufacturer shall then add to this risk assessment the specifics of his technical solution as specified in ISO 1 21 00:201 0. If the manufacturer intends to make an equipment or installation not fully under the scope of this document and its risk assessment, or if the Particular requirement is outdated and not referring to this document or no Particular requirement exists, he is advised to reconsider the risk assessment in Annex A. This document then assists with the risk assessment and risk reduction procedure as specified in ISO 1 21 00:201 0.
6 General provisions
6.1 Basic considerations
6.1.1 The EH or EPM installation or equipment shall be suitable for its intended use, it shall be designed to be operated, adjusted and maintained without putting persons at risk. Design and construction shall ensure adequate reduction of the risks during normal operation or in single fault condition, at the state of the art and considering the foreseeable lifetime of the EH or EPM installation or equipment. Any risk through the workload when the workload is processed as intended in the EH or EPM installation and that is foreseeable to the manufacturer shall be adequately reduced.
6.1 .2 The EH or EPM installation or equipment shall be designed to prevent or to reduce the possibility of misuse or fault condition.
6.1.3 The EH or EPM installation or equipment shall not pose a risk of the immediate or non-perceivable types, unless the intended use is otherwise impossible to achieve. Additional protective measures, warnings and instructions shall be provided in such cases.
6.1.4 The manufacturer shall, in the following order,
a) eliminate risks to achieve an inherent safe installation or equipment,
b) provide protective measures for those risks that are not eliminated, and
c) provide all necessary information to the user about residual risks, indicate necessary training and personal protective equipment.
6.1.5 Protective measures are a combination of measures incorporated at the design stage and measures being indicated as to be implemented by the user. The manufacturer shall incorporate all measures identified to be necessary according to Clauses 5 through 1 7 when applicable.
6.1.6 If a specific hazard is in risk class 1 or 2 as defined in Table 3 and cannot be reduced further by the manufacturer, the manufacturer shall provide detailed information for the user, including
a) a graphical description or plan of the installation indicating the position and extent of areas belonging to zones with risk class 1 or 2,
b) information on signalling and warning devices – see 1 9.3,
c) necessary marking and written warning – see 1 9.4,
d) indication of necessary restrictions and protective measures to be taken by the user – see 1 9.5.IEC 60519-1 pdf download.