IEC 60350-1-2021 Household electric cooking appliances – Part 1: Ranges, ovens, steam ovens and grills – Methods for measuring performance.
4 List of measurements
4.1 Dimensions and mass
The following measurements are carried out:
– overall dimensions (see 6.1 );
– internal dimensions (see 6.2);
– dimensions of shelves and steaming accessories (see 6.4);
– dimensions of grill grids (see 6.5);
– dimensions of warming compartments (see 6.6);
– level of the shelf (see 6.7);
– mass of the appliance (see 6.8).
4.2 Oven and combi steam oven
The following measurements are carried out:
– preheating the empty oven (see 7.2);
– accuracy of the control (see 7.3);
– energy consumption and time for heating a load (see 7.4);
– heat distribution (see 7.5);
– ability to supply heat (see 7.6).
4.3 Steam oven and combi steam oven
The following measurements are carried out:
– ability to supply steam (see 8.1 );
– distribution of steam (see 8.2)
– determination of the capacity (see 8.3).
4.4 Grill
The following measurements are carried out:
– grilling area (see 9.2);
– grilling (see 9.3).
4.5 Warming compartments
The following measurements are carried out:
– temperature control and energy consumption (see Clause 1 0).
4.6 Cleaning
The following measurements are carried out:
– cleaning of pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens (see 1 1 .1 );
– cleaning of ovens with catalytic cleaning (see 1 1 .2).
5 General conditions for the measurement
5.1 Test room
The tests are carried out in a substantially draught-free room in which the ambient temperature is maintained at (20   5) °C.
For tests 7.2, 7.4 and 7.5.3, (23 ? 2) °C shall be maintained during the complete test.
This ambient temperature is measured at a point that is at the same height as the centre of the calculated volume of the oven cavity in test and at a distance of 0,5 m diagonally from one of the front edges of the appliance (see Figure 1 ).
The measurement of the ambient temperature shall not be influenced by the appliance itself or by any other appliance.
5.2 Electricity supply
The appliance is supplied at rated voltage 1 %.
If the appliance has a rated voltage range, the tests are carried out at the nominal voltage of the country where the appliance is intended to be used.
– the supply voltage shall be maintained at the main terminal at the rated voltage 1 %, while the heating elements are switched on;
– the supply frequency shall be at the rated frequency 1 % throughout the test. If a frequency range is indicated, then the test frequency shall be the nominal frequency of the country in which the appliance is intended to be used.
NOTE In case of a fixed cable, the plug (or the end of the cable) is the reference point to maintain the voltage.
For Clause 1 2 and Annex G, the power measurement requirements shall be in accordance with IEC 62301 .
5.3 Instrumentation
The temperature measuring instrument including thermocouples shall have an accuracy of  0,5 K within the temperature range of 0 °C to 1 00 °C and an accuracy of ? 2 K within the temperature range 1 00 °C to 300 °C.
The energy measuring meter shall have an accuracy of ? 1 % of the reading.
For tests 7.2 and 7.4:
– air temperature measurements in the empty oven are made with a thermocouple with a welded point (not with a black copper plate);
– temperature measurements in the brick (see 7.4) are made with two thermocouples with a 1 mm steel tube diameter, class 1 according to IEC 60584-2. The thermocouple shall be accurate to  1 ,5 K;
NOTE The steel tube of the thermocouple eases the insertion of the thermocouple into the brick. Other types
of thermocouples can be used provided they are shown to give the same results. The measuring point is the first contact point of the two thermo wires.
– the temperature measurement system excluding the thermocouple shall be accurate to 1 ,0 K;
– the energy measurements shall be accurate to 1 .5 % of the reading or 1 0 Wh whatever is the greater;
– the measurement of the voltage shall be accurate to ? 0,5 % of the reading;
– the measurements of mass shall be accurate to ? 3 g;
– the measurements of time shall be accurate to ? 5 s;
– the scale for weighing the ingredients shall be accurate to   0,1 g.IEC 60350-1 pdf download.