IEC 60309-4-2021 Plugs, fixed or portable socket-outlets and appliance inlets for industrial purposes – Part 4: Switched socket-outlets with or without interlock.
5 Standard ratings
Clause 5 of IEC 60309-1 :2021 applies for products incorporating socket-outlets according to IEC 60309-1 .
Clause 5 of IEC 60309-2:2021 applies with the following addition for products incorporating socket-outlets according to IEC 60309-2:2021 .
Add the following at the end of 5.201:
For switched socket-outlets with or without interlock according to 6.401 , the whole unit can have a different degree of protection but not lower than IP44 (see also 8.1 ).
6 Classification of accessories
Clause 6 of IEC 60309-1 :2021 or of IEC 60309-2:2021 applies except as follows:
6.1 Replacement:
According to purpose:
– fixed socket-outlets,
– portable socket-outlets.
6.5 Not applicable.
Additional subclauses:
6.401 According to switching devices and interlock facilities:
– products with a switching device and without an interlock;
– products with a switching device and with an interlock.
6.402 According to the operation of the interlock/switching device:
– manually;
– automatically (electrically and/or electronically);
– combination of the above.
NOTE Inserting the plug is not considered a manual operation of the interlock/switching device.
6.403 According to the mechanical switching device:
– switch;
– switch-disconnector;
– contactor;
– other devices with suitable switch rating.
6.404 According to suitability for isolation of the switching device:
– suitable for isolation;
– not suitable for isolation.
6.405 According to whether the interlock system has a latching device:
– with latching device (mechanical interlock);
– without latching device (electrical interlock).
6.406 According to the presence of a protective device:
– with protective device;
– without protective device.
7 Marking
Clause 7 of IEC 60309-1 :2021 or of IEC 60309-2:2021 applies except as follows:
7.1 Add the following items to the list:
i) indication of the open and closed position of the switching device for products with isolating function according to 6.404;
j) indication of the type of switching device.
7.4 Not applicable.
7.5 Replacement:
The neutral terminal, if any, shall be marked N.
The earth terminal, if any, shall be marked (preferred) IEC 6041 7-501 9 (2006-08) or IEC 6041 7-501 7 (2006-08).
The relationship between the terminals for the supply cable and load terminals / load contacts shall be made clear, if necessary, by means of a diagram or instruction.
Additional marking to indicate neutral terminal and/or earthing terminal may be used as follows:
– letter W and/or white colour for neutral;
– letter G and/or green colour for earthing.
No marking is required for terminals for pilot conductors. In the event that they are marked, it is recommended to use the marking P or PILOT.
Compliance is checked by inspection.
7.6 Replacement of the first sentence by the following text:
7.6 Marking on the outside of the enclosure shall be indelible and easily legible.
Additional subclauses:
7.401 The position (open or closed) of the switching device shall be unambiguous and clearly indicated.
The actuator of a mechanical switching device may be used to indicate the position of the contacts.
For mechanical switching devices operated by means of two push-buttons, only the push- button designated for the opening operation shall be red or marked with the symbol “O”.
The colours of other push-buttons, illuminated push-buttons and indicator lights shall be in accordance with IEC 60073.
7.402 The marking of the type of switching device shall be in a place which is visible after installation of the products, on the outside of the enclosure or on the lid, if any, if the latter cannot be removed without the aid of a tool.IEC 60309-4 pdf download.