IEC 60238 -2020 Edison screw lampholders.
4 General requirement
Lampholders shall be so designed and constructed that in normal use they function reliably and cause no danger to persons or surroundings.
In general, compliance is checked by carrying out all the tests specified.
In addition, the enclosure of independent lampholders shall comply with the requirements of
IEC 60598-1 , including the classification and marking requirements of that standard.
5 General conditions for tests
5.1 Tests according to this standard are type tests.
NOTE The requirements and tolerances permitted by this standard are related to testing of a type test sample submitted for that purpose.
Compliance of the type test sample does not ensure compliance of the whole production of a manufacturer with this safety standard.
In addition to type testing, conformity of production is the responsibility of the manufacturer and can include routine tests and quality assurance.
For further information on conformity testing during manufacture see IEC 60061 -4.
5.2 Unless otherwise specified, the tests are made at an ambient temperature of 20 °C ±
5 °C and with the holder tested as delivered and installed as in normal use.
5.3 The tests and inspections are carried out on a total of
– nine specimens for non-switched lampholders, or
– 1 2 specimens for switched lampholders in the following order of clauses:
– three specimens: Clauses 2 to 1 3 (except for 1 0.1 and 1 1 .2) and Clauses 1 5 to 1 8;
– three specimens: Clause 1 4 (switched-lampholder tests only);
– three specimens: 1 0.1 and Clauses 1 9 and 20;
– two specimens: Clause 21 (of which one specimen for the test of 21 .1 and the other for the tests of 21 .3 or 21 .4);
– one specimen: 21 .5 and Clause 22.
For testing lampholders with a retention device, the retention device shall be removed.
For testing lampholders with a retention device according to 1 3.1 4, three additional specimens are required with the retention device kept in place.
For testing of screwless terminals according to 1 1 .2, separate specimens are required in addition.
5.4 In case of doubt, gauges, test caps and mandrels are introduced into the specimens, unless otherwise specified, by applying the following torques:
– 0,2 Nm for lampholders E5;
– 0,2 Nm for lampholders E10;
– 0,2 Nm for lampholders E14;
– 0,4 Nm for lampholders E27;
– 0,8 Nm for lampholders E40.
5.5 For lampholders E40 with a rated current of 32 A, the tests shall be based on this rated current.
5.6 Lampholders are deemed to comply with this standard if no specimen fails in the complete series of tests specified in 5.3.IEC 60238 pdf download.