IEC 60143-2-2021 Series capacitors for power systems – Part 2: Protective equipment for series capacitor banks.
The object of this standard is:
– to formulate uniform rules regarding performance, testing and rating,
– to illustrate different kinds of overvoltage protectors,
– to provide a guide for installation and operation.
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NOTE No standard exists for varistors for series capacitors (SC). The relevant tests for series capacitors varistors
are therefore dealt with in this standard.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this document, the following terms and definitions apply:
NOTE The definitions of capacitor parts and accessories in this standard are in accordance with IEC 601 43-1 :2004.
3.1  back-up gap
supplementary gap which may be set to spark over at a voltage level higher than the protective level of the primary protective device, and which is normally placed in parallel with the primary protective device
3.2 bank protection
general term for all protective equipment for a capacitor bank, or part thereof
3.3 bypass current
current flowing through the bypass switch or spark gap in parallel with the series capacitor
3.4 bypass switch
device such as a switch or a circuit-breaker used in parallel with a series capacitor and its overvoltage protector to shunt line current for a specified time, or continuously.IEC 60143-2 pdf download.