IEC 60034-18-42-2020 Rotating electrical machines – Part 18-42: Partial discharge resistant electrical insulation systems (Type II) used in rotating electrical machines fed from voltage converters – Qualification tests.
This part of IEC 60034 defines criteria for assessing the insulation system of stator/rotor windings of single or polyphase AC machines which are subjected to repetitive impulse voltages, such as those generated by pulse width modulation (PWM) converters, and are expected to experience and withstand partial discharge activity during service. It specifies electrical qualification tests on representative specimens to verify fitness for operation with voltage-source converters. It also describes an additional classification system which defines the limits of reliable performance under converter-fed conditions. Although this document deals with voltage converters, it is recognised that there are other types of converters that can create repetitive impulse voltages.
For these converters, a similar approach to testing can be used. Qualification of insulation systems may not be required for rotating machines which are only fed from voltage converters for starting and so they are excluded from this document.
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3.1 partial discharge PD electric discharge that only partially bridges the insulation between electrical conductors Note 1 to entry: It may occur inside or outside the insulation or adjacent to an electrical conductor.
3.2 partial discharge inception voltage PDIV lowest voltage at which partial discharges are initiated in the test arrangement when the voltage applied to the test object is gradually increased from a lower value at which no such discharges are observed Note 1 to entry: With sinusoidal applied voltage, the PDIV is defined as the r.m.s. value of the voltage. With impulse voltages, the PDIV is defined as the peak to peak voltage. 3.3 repetitive partial discharge inception voltage RPDIV minimum peak to peak impulse voltage at which more than five PD pulses occur on ten voltage impulses of the same polarity.IEC 60034-18-42 pdf download.