CSA Z259.18:19 Counterweighted guardrail systems.
3 Definitions
The following definitions shall apply in this Standard:
Note: See Figure 1.
Authority having jurisdiction一a federal, provincial, territorial, or municipal authority responsible for administering legislation related to this Standard.
Competent person – a person who possesses the knowledge, training, and experience in fall protection to enable him or her to perform an assigned duty.
Counterweight一a mass used to resist overturning and/or sliding.
Counterweighted guardrail system (CGS) – an assembled passive fall-protection system protecting the worker from a fall hazard and consisting of at least one span and, if needed, the following free-standing guardrail components:
a) two end assemblies;
b) intermediate assemblies;
c) return section(s); and
d) counterweights.
End assembly – an assembly that can include counterweights, a post, and connections to the top and intermediate rails at each end of a CGS.
Engineer – a person in the engineering profession with specific expertise in fall protection who is licensed to practice in a jurisdiction in Canada.
5.1 Materials – General All materials shall be designed for use in the environments where they are permitted to be installed by the manufacturer. The selection and installation methods shall take into account wind, heat, cold, moisture, vibration, ultraviolet light, corrosive environments, and other environmental conditions that could be expected to affect the strength and performance of the CGS. All components shall be durable and have similar longevity unless a specified maintenance plan is provided in accordance with Clause 9.2 j).
5.2 Non-metallic materials The manufacturer shall issue a declaration of conformity that non-metallic materials that can be degraded by exposure to sunlight or other environmental conditions are protected against such degradation by proper shielding or other suitable means.
5.3 Fasteners The manufacturer shall issue a declaration of conformity that all components of the CGS, including fasteners, do not create any combination of metals that have the potential to cause an adverse galvanic reaction. All fasteners connecting counterweights and railings or railing elements shall be rated for the applied loads.CSA Z259.18 pdf download.