CSA Z259.10-18 Full body harnesses.
3 Definitions The following definitions shall apply in this Standard: Back strap — a full body harness component that maintains the position of the shoulder straps on the lower back of the worker. Carabiner — a connector in the form of an oblong ring that incorporates a self-locking gate. Chest strap — full body harness webbing that maintains the position of the shoulder straps on the worker. Connector — a means for joining a component to a) another component; or b) an anchorage. Note: Examples of connectors include anchorage connectors, carabiners, D-rings, snap hooks, and soft loops. Connector, Class I — a connector that meets the requirements for Class I as defined in CSA Z259.12. Connector, Class II — a connector that meets the requirements for Class II as defined in CSA Z259.12. Controlled descent system — a collection of components that function as a primary system to descend a worker or to lower another worker from an elevation. Dorsal — the location on a full body harness that corresponds to the area on the back of the user that falls between elevations that are 50 mm (2 in) above and 50 mm (2 in) below the shortest line joining the undersides of the armpits (see Figure 11). D-Ring — a D-shaped connector intended for attachment to another connector. Energy absorber (EA) — any device that dissipates kinetic energy, limits deceleration forces during fall arrest, and does not return kinetic energy to the system or into the human body. Fall-arrest indicator — a device that indicates when a fall-arrest component has arrested a fall. Fall-arrest system (FAS) — a collection of equipment components configured to arrest a fall. Note: A fall-arrest system typically comprises components such as full body harnesses, lanyards, deceleration devices, horizontal lifelines, vertical lifelines, anchorages, and anchorage connectors. Free-fall distance (FFD) — the vertical distance travelled by a worker or a test mass from the start of a fall to the initiation of an arrest force. Note: Free fall is often measured by followinCSA Z259.10 pdf download.