CSA Z245.1-18 Steel pipe.
4 General requirements
4.1 Product ordering requirements
4.1.1 Standard requirements
The following information shall be included in purchase orders for pipe:
a) the designation and year of publication of this Standard;
b) quantity;
c) grade;
d) category (see Clause 1.2.3);
e) specified pipe test temperature for Category II or III pipe (see Clauses 8.4.2 and;
f) process of pipe manufacture (see Clause 1.1);
g) specified outside diameter (see Clause 1.2.1);
h) specified wall thickness (see Table 1 and Clause 10.1.1);
i) nominal length (see Table 2 and Clause 10.5);
j) end finish (see Clause 10.7); and
k) delivery date and shipping instructions.
1) The relationship between pipe dimensions, weight classes, and schedule numbers for pipe up to 323.9 mm OD
is given in Annex A.
2) The relationship between pipe sizes up to 2032 mm OD and the nominal sizes of matching components is
given in Annex B.
3) A summary of destructive testing requirements is given in Annex C.
℗ 4.1.2 Optional requirements
Where applicable, purchase orders shall include the following optional requirements:
a) pipe expansion (see Clause 5.4.3);
b) pipe weld and heat-affected zone notch toughness (see Clauses 5.4.6, 7.6, and 8.5);
c) alternative transverse body tension test (see Clause;
d) alternative transverse weld tension specimen preparation (see Clause;
e) root guided-bend tests on electric-welded pipe (see Clause;
f) increased absorbed energy acceptance criterion for Category II pipe (see Clause;
g) increased absorbed energy acceptance criterion for Category III pipe (see Clause;
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