CSA R7008:19 Sustainability standard for household dehumidifier appliances.
5.2.2 The choice of the above five attributes is explained in Annex A. Product evaluations shall be conducted using the attribute evaluation criteria for each of the attributes outlined in this Standard. 5.2.3 Products shall receive points from the attribute categories in Items a) to d), according to the results of the evaluations, and may receive points from the innovation attribute category (see Clause 6.2 for clarification). . 5.3 Assessment 5.3.1 Assessment of product attributes and criteria shall be based on the year the candidate product is produced. 6 Point allocation system 6.1 Products shall be allocated points for meeting criteria in each of the attribute categories in accordance with the point system. The points from all attributes shall be added together to produce a total score. A product can achieve a maximum score of 100 points from the sum of points when evaluated against the required four attributes. 6.2 The innovation attribute is a bonus attribute. A maximum of 10 points may be added to the product score if it has less than 100 points, but the product score shall not receive innovation points that take the total score above 100 points. 6.3 In instances where points are awarded for demonstrating progress, reduction, or some equivalent language that implies a reduction in the product’s overall environmental burden, the points shall not be awarded unless that progress or reduction is significant. Note: The interpretation of whether or not an action is significant should be in keeping with the General Principles of the Federal Trade Commission’s Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims (October 1, 2012). In 16 CFR 260.3, the Guides provide examples of claims that overstate an environmental atribute. Section 260.3(C) states, “a]n environmental marketing claim should not overstate, directly or by implication, an environmental atribute or benefit. Marketers should not state or imply environmental benefits it the benefits are negligible.” Further, Section 260.4.CSA R7008 pdf download.