CSA N299.1:19 Quality assurance program requirements for the supply of items and services for nuclear power plants, Category 1.
4.2 Customer’s responsibilities Customers shall a) evaluate and select suppliers based on their ability to meet specified requirements by the time the work starts, which shall include an evaluation of i) the QA manual (or for Category 4, QA program description) and associated documentation; ii) the QA program implementation (for CSA N299 Category 1, 2, 3, or equivalent), including the supplier’s procurement process; iii) the ability to provide a technically adequate and economical item or service; iv) the ability to respect delivery dates; v) other required locations, plan(s), and resources; and vi) the supply performance history; Notes: 1) Evidence of conformance to this Standard by a recognized authority should be considered to fulfill this responsibility. 2) The frequency of the supplier evaluations depends on the results of previous supplier monitoring activity, the effectiveness of QA programs, and the response received to requests for corrective action. This can be determined by evaluating QA program performance, item or service conformance, and the accuracy of records generated by the QA programs. b) specify the following items: i) the scope of and requirements for the work; ii) the QA program standards and specifications the supplier is required to meet, as well as any specific ones to be included in subcontracts; iii) the QA program standards and specifications that apply to customer-supplied items or services; iv) traceability in accordance with Clause 7.11; v) the requirements of the AHJ that apply to the items or services; vi) documentation to be delivered to the customer and retained by the supplier, as well as the applicable retention period; and vii) experience applicable to the item or service (see Clause 4.7); Note: Typically, these items are found in the tender and contract. c) carry out surveillance and audits, when required, to ensure that the supplier and, where applicable, the subsupplier(s) are conforming to this Standard;
4.3 Management responsibilities 4.3.1 Top management The supplier shall document top management’s commitment to the development and implementation of the QA program and to continually improving its effectiveness. Top management shall ensure adherence of management and personnel to the requirements of the QA program and shall be responsible for determining, providing, and maintaining the resources and work environment needed to achieve conformity to item or service requirements. Note: The term “work environment” relates to those conditions under which work is performed, including physical, environmental, and other factors (including, but not limited to, noise, temperature, humidity, lighting, or weather).CSA N299.1 pdf download.