CSA HPIT 1-2015 Compressed hydrogen powered industrial truck on-board fuel storage and handling components.
5 Quality assurance 5.1 Quality systems Quality system programs shall be established and operated to confirm that thecomponents and containers will be produced in accordance with the qualified design. Quality systems shall be in accordance with Clauses 5.2 or 5.3. 5.2 Quality system compliance Quality management systems shall be registered for compliance with ISO 9001. Other systems that incorporate ISO 9001, such as ISO/TS 16949, are acceptable. 5.3 Independent inspection 5.3.1 General The manufacturer shall engage an independent inspector with responsibilities for inspection and review of the manufacturer’s quality system. 5.3.2 Inspection agency requirements The manufacturer shall arrange for independent verification of the quality system and of component production by a nationally recognized independent inspection agency. 5.3.3 System audit The independent inspector shall monitor the quality system of the manufacturer, notify the manufacturer of deficiencies in the quality system, and shall maintain a written record of deficiencies and corrective action. The independent inspector shall perform the following duties at least once every year: a) Verify that the manufacturer has a quality manual which addresses design, purchasing, process control, inspection, test, and configuration management, and that the quality manual and practices of the manufacturer are consistent with one another. The system shall be described in a comprehensive and orderly manner in the form of written policies, procedures, and instructions that will permit a clear and consistent understanding of the manufacturer’s intent with respect to quality assurance. b) Verify that product drawings adequately define the configuration to be manufactured and that components meet the drawing requirements. c) Verify that design documents contain appropriate acceptance criteria. d) Verify that purchased parts are inspected for conformance to specified requirements.
6 Performance 6.1 General test methods 6.1.1 This clause provides test methods intended for all components. Later clauses provide component specific test methods. Where a conflict exists between the general test method and the specific test methods, the specific test method shall apply. A summary of components and specific test methods is provided in Annex B. Note: Some components are exempt from some tests. 6.1.2 Testing shall be conducted on finished components and containers that are representative of normal production (including a protective coating if part of the design unless otherwise specified) and complete with identification marks. All tests shall be conducted or witnessed by an independent inspection or test agency, which is nationally recognized within the United States or Canada or recognized by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Test reports shall be kept on file by the component manufacturer and made available to the integrator on request.CSA HPIT 1 pdf download.