CSA C866-17 Performance of LED luminaires.
Colour changing luminaire — a luminaire designed to mix different colours to produce a variety of colour outputs. Commercial luminaire — a luminaire marketed and intended to be used in a commercial, industrial, or business environment. Note: The term excludes devices marketed for use by the general public or intended to be used in the home. Connected luminaire — a luminaire or retrofit that includes elements or instructions (hardware and software or firmware) required to enable communication in response to consumer-authorized energy or performance related commands. These elements can be resident inside or outside of the base luminaire or retrofit. Direct current (DC) powered luminaire — a luminaire enabled to operate off direct current (DC) and/or power over ethernet (PoE) control and distribution system. Correlated colour temperature (CCT) — the absolute temperature of a blackbody whose chromaticity most nearly resembles that of the light source. Directional luminaire — a luminaire having at least 80% luminous flux within a solid angle of π steradian (corresponding to a cone with angle of 120°). Display case — a cabinet (or other form of container) with one or more transparent surfaces, used to display objects for viewing. Note: Display case is sometimes referred to as “showcase”. Driver — see LED driver. High-bay luminaire — a luminaire specific for indoor lighting where the roof trusses or ceiling height is greater than approximately 7.6 m [25 ft] above the floor. Input power — the power consumption in watts of a driver and a light source system operating in a normal or active mode, as determined in accordance with the test procedure (see Clause 4). LED array (module) — an assembly of LED packages (components) or dies on a printed circuit board or substrate, possibly with optical elements and additional thermal, mechanical, and electrical interfaces that are intended to connect to the load side of an LED driver. A power source and a base are not incorporated into the device. CSA C866 pdf download.