CSA C282:19 Emergency electrical power supply for buildings.
6 Emergency electrical power supply plant 6.1 General 6.1.1 Engine generator set The emergency electrical power supply shall be provided by a generator set or sets driven by an engine located a) on the same property as the building it supplies or on an adjoining property; or b) on the health care facility’s premises, where a generator set is required for emergency power supply to essential electrical systems in conformance with CSA Z32. The minimum engine generator set full load rating shall a) meet or exceed the calculated maximum site design load. Note: Refer to the definition of “maximum site design load” in Clause 3. b) be rated, as a minimum, prime power when a generator set is intended for installation in Class A or Class B HCFs; and c) be rated, as a minimum, emergency standby power when a generator set is intended for installation in a building defined as a Class C HCF or in a building which is not defined as an HCF. Note: See Clause B.3 for commentary on this Clause. The generator set shall be capable of operating at 100% of the maximum site design load in an ambient temperature of 40 °C without overheating or suffering other detrimental effects. If operation above 40 °C is unavoidable, the generator system shall be designed and rated to operate at 100% maximum site design load at the higher operating temperature. Note: See Clause B.4 for commentary on this Clause.
6.2.1 The emergency electrical supply system shall be located a) in a separate service room or rooms in a building separated from the remainder of the building by a fire separation with a fire-resistance rating in accordance with the requirements of Clause 5.2; or b) in a separate service room or enclosure outside the building located in accordance with the NBCC. The enclosure shall provide the following protection and security for the emergency electrical supply system: i) The enclosure shall be structurally adequate to resist flood, snow, wind, and shall be vandal- proof. The enclosure shall be braced for seismic forces where required by NBCC. ii) The enclosure shall be weatherproof and insulated to achieve the ambient temperature requirement of Clause 6.8.1 to maintain the system in an operable condition and prevent problems due to condensation and corrosion. iii) The enclosure shall provide adequate clearances as specified in Clause 6.5.1. iv) The enclosure structure shall have provision for electrical grounding in addition to the electrical equipment within the enclosure. v) The enclosure shall have provision for quick entry to authorized personnel.CSA C282 pdf download.