CSA B72:2020 Installation code for lightning protection systems.
Flat roof — a roof without slope, or a roof having an inward or outward slope of less than that of a pitched roof.
Galvanized — protected with a coating of zinc capable of withstanding four 1 mm Immersions in a saturated copper sulphate solution without showing a fixed deposit of copper.
Ground electrode — a metal object or device buried in or driven into the ground, to which a grounding conductor is electrically and mechanically connected.
Labelled — equipment or materials to which has been attached a label, symbol, or other identifying mark of an organization that is acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction and concerned with product evaluation, that maintains periodic inspection of production of labelled equipment or materials, and by whose labelling the manufacturer indicates compliance with appropriate standards or performance in a specified manner.
Lightning protection system — a complete system of intercepting devices, conductors, ground electrodes, interconnecting conductors, and other connectors or fittings required to complete the system.
Integral lightning protection system — a lightning protection system directly attached to the structure it protects.
Listed — equipment, materials, or services included in a list published by an organization that is acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction and concerned with evaluation of products or services, that maintains periodic inspection of production of listed equipment or materials or periodic evaluation of services, and whose listing states that either the equipment, material, or service meets appropriate designated standards or has been tested and found suitable for a specified purpose.
Maximum discharge current (Imax) — the maximum instantaneous value of the current through the SPD having an 8/20 mis waveform.
Metal bodies — metal bodies having an area of 0.26 m2 (400 j2) or greater or a volume of 0.016 m3 (1000 in3) or greater.
Metal bodies of conductance — metal bodies outside the zone of protection that are subject to a direct lightning strike.
Metal bodies of inductance — grounded metal bodies located within the zone of protection and within the calculated bonding distance of a primary conductor.
Nominal discharge current (la) — the peak value of an 8/20 mis current waveform selected by the manufacturer for which an SPD remains functional after 15 surges.
Pitched roof — roofs having a span of 12 m (40 ft) or less and a slope of 1/8 or greater, or roofs having a span of more than 12 m (40 ft) and a slope of 1/4 or greater.
Sideflash — an electrical spark, caused by differences of potential, that occurs between conductive metal bodies or between conductive metal bodies and part of the lightning protection system or ground.
Solar array — a group of solar modules or collectors connected together to create a larger collection system.
Solar panel — a general term for photovoltaic modules or thermal collectors.CSA B72 pdf download.