CSA ANSI Z21.69-2015 Connectors for moveable gas appliances.
Method of Test
This test shall be conducted in a draft free location.
One 2 ft (610 mm) sample connector shall be used for test purposes, and the connector shall not be exposed to a relative humidity greater than 70 percent during the 24 hour period prior to the test.
The connector under test shall be supported at one end and hung with Its axis vertical.
A Bunsen burner having a nominal 3/ inch diameter tube and with means of controlling the primary air and gas input shall be used as an ignition source. The gas at the burner shall be ignited and adjusted to produce a flame 2 to 3 in (50.8 to 76.2 mm) in length.
The flame shall be applied to the nonmetallic exterior approximately 3 in (76.2 mm) above the start of the exterior coating at the bottom end of the connector for 1 minute (by orienting the burner at an angle as needed to ignite the nonmetallic exterior or coating) and then withdrawn. If no burning, flaming, or glowing combustion is observed, additional attempts to ignite the nonmetallic exterior covering of the connector shall be made with the flame varied from blue to yellow. If flaming or glowing combustion of the covering material on the connector is observed and ceases 60 seconds or less after removal of the ignition flame, the flame shall be reapplied at the same location for 1 minute immediately after the flaming or glowing combustion stops. The ignition flame shall then be withdrawn and the duration of the flaming or glowing combustion noted.
The duration of flaming or glowing combustion after withdrawal of the ignition flame shall not exceed 60 seconds nor shall any flame or glowing combustion travel to the end of the connector farthest from the point of application of the ignition flame.
4.5 Fittings
Fittings shall be faced or otherwise finished externally to provide a hexagonal or octagonal wrench grip.
The dimensions across the flats and the length of the flats for the type of fitting involved shall be not
less than those specified in the SAE Handbook, Part 19, Volume 2.
Surfaces of fittings which normally may come in contact with the tubing shall have a smooth finish.
Threads on pipe-end connections of fittings shall be taper pipe threads conforming to the Standard for
Pipe Threads, General Purpose (Inch), ASME 81.20.1, NPT, or the Standard for Dryseal Pipe Threads
(Inch), ASME 81.20.3 NPTF.CSA ANSI Z21.69 pdf download.