BS ISO 8600-6-2020 Endoscopes一Medical endoscopes and endotherapy devices Part 6: Vocabulary.
This document defines terms for endoscopes and endotherapy devices commonly used in the endoscopic area. This document does not define general medical terms or other general terms. This document does not define terms that should be defined in other ISO 8600 (all parts).
2 Normative references
There are no normative references in this document.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
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3.1 General terms
3.1.1 active endotherapy device
device, consists of a probe/electrode (3.3.24) which is inserted through the working channel of an endoscope into natural or surgically created body cavities or instrument channels (3.5.43), and a generator which supplies the energy to be transmitted to the distal end of the device, used for endotherapy, e.g. cutting/coagulating/vaporizing/ablation of tissue, by using energy, including, e.g. high frequency, electromagnetic, ultrasonic or laser energy sources
3.1.2 capsule endoscope
capsule shaped endoscope which is introduced into a digestive tract by swallowing by the patient through the mouth
3.1.3 endoscope
medical instrument having viewing means, with or without optics, introduced into a body cavity through a natural or surgically created body opening for examination, diagnosis or therapy
Note I to entry: It may be of rigid or flexible type; all types may have different image-transmitting systems (e.g., optical, via lenses, or fibre bundles) and image pick-up systems (e.g., video or ultrasonic sensors).
Note 2 to entry: An endoscope can also be tube with Illumination.
3.1.13 ultrasound endoscope
endoscope (113) with an electro-acoustical image pick-up system
3.1.14 video endoscope
endoscope (1L3) in which the image is transmitted by a solid-state imaging device
3.2 Names of endoscopes from aspect of Intended use
3.2.1 adenoscope
endoscope (3J..3) used for observation, diagnosis, and treatment of the nasal cavity, e.g.. during the removal of the adenoids.BS ISO 8600-6 pdf download.