BS ISO 8000-2-2020 Data quality Part 2: Vocabulary.
3.8.11 data accuracy record
record ol the inJormuUon (IL].) provided about (hi.- data accuracy (11110) of a specified data set (12.4)
Note ito entry: A data accuracy record can include representations and warranties of the datas accuracy.
3.8.12 data completemess
quality (3.L3) of a data see (32.4) in respect of the content being all that is necessary for an intended purpose
EXAMPLE I When creating a dote ipec-ific-etnirv (3) that addreirs data c-osnpktrsiccs considerations, an organization includes in the spcdhcation a requirement (112) for a data set to identify explicitly the applicable mu of measure toe each physical quantity In the set.
EXAMPLE 2 When cakulating the average speed of a Journey, a user decides to use the start and end times of the iuurney and the total distance travelled. This decision determines the basis for data completeness of the required data set
EXAM PLE 3 When calculating the maximum speed duringa journey, a user decides to use a lIst of points in time and, foe each point, the distance travelled to that point. The user decides an approprtate duration between each point in time. This duration being longer makes the calculation leis accurate but prevents the data set becoming inappropriately large These decisions determine the basis (or data completeness of the required data set.
EXAMPLE 4 A buyer wants a supplies to send a list olali products (lii) that are avaulahk- for purchase. The supplier uses ISO 8000-140. which specifies how to provide a statement to confirm the tipper has created a data set representing a list that meets the buyer’s requlrsmenL
Note I to entry For data completeness, the relevant inherent characteristics of the data tot are those that determine which dare (322) exist as part of the data set
Plot. 2 to entry: No universal specilicallon for data complelenese 051511. fiats completeness depends on the cnntent aithedata set, the subject flutter nELlie datsand the purpose to which the user Intends Input the data ser
Note 3 to entry: Not ill aspects of data completeness can be verified (31L.S) by lust assessing, as a dosed system. the ciinsisicncy at the data set and the applicable data spciuIcatiiwi. If the data set claims. fir example, to hr a complete liii otthe employees of an organization then the actual human beings are in the real world, requiring an appropriate test to look beyond the content of the data set and the data specification. Such testing is addressed by ISO 5000•8
Note 4 to entry; ISO 9000’140 specifies the mechanisms by which an organization can state the completeness of a data set (Including sk’iatilicat,un al the method that has assessed 11w dais) or assert the completeness vIa data set including identification of the remediailsm I sat the organization will perform lithe data In fact fails to meet the asserted level of compkleness)
3.8.13 data completeness record
record of the in/órmutioa (3.2.1) provided about the data completeness (11112) of a specified data set (3.2,4)
Note I to entry: A data conipletenecs record can include representations and warranties of the data’s completeness.
3.9 Terms relating to syntax and semantics
3.9.1 formal syntax
specification olihe valid sentences of a formal language using a formal grammar
EXAMPLE I An XML document type definition (1711)) is a formal syntax.
EXAMPLE 2 ISO 10303.21 contaIns a foemsi syntax in Winch Syntax Notation (WSN) for ISO 10303 physical flies,BS ISO 8000-2 pdf download.