BS ISO 7296-2-2020 Cranes一Graphical symbols Part 2: Mobile cranes.
4.3 Additionally, to improve the appearance and perceptibility of a symbol, or to coordinate with the design of the equipment to which the symbol is applied, it can be necessary to change the line thickness or to round the corners of a symbol. The graphical designer is normally free to make such changes, provided that the essential perceptual characteristics of the symbol are maintained (see IEC 80416-1).
4.4 For actual use, all symbols shall be reproduced large enough to be easily identifiable by the operator. See IEC 80416-1 for guidelines on the proper sizing of symbols. Symbols shall be used in the orientations shown in this document unless otherwise noted for individual symbols.
4.5 Most symbols are constructed using a building block approach in which various symbols and symbol elements are combined in a logical manner to produce a new symbol.
4.6 If a symbol shows a machine or parts of a machine from a side view, a machine moving from right to left across the symbol grid area shall be assumed. If a symbol shows a machine or parts of a machine from an overhead (top) view, a machine moving from bottom to top across the symbol grid area shall be assumed.
4.7 Symbols on controls and displays shall have good contrast to their background. A light symbol on
a dark background is preferred for most controls. Displays may use either a light symbol on a dark back
ground or a dark symbol on a light background, depending on which alternative provides the best visual
perception. When a symbol image is reversed (for example, from black-on-white to white-on-black and
vice versa), it shall he done for the entire symbol.
4.8 Symbols shall he located on or adjacent to the control or display that they relate to. Where more than one symbol is required for a control, the symbols shall be located in relation to the control such that movement of the control towards the symbol shall perform the function depicted by that symbol.
4.9 Arrows used in symbols shall conform to the requirements of ISO 80416-2. IEC 80416-1 shall be consulted for the general principles of creating symbols.
4.10 Letters and numerals may be used as symbols, but are not registered or published in ISO 7000. In certain clauses, letters and numerals have the meaning indicated when used in association with transmission gear controls and displays on mobile cranes. The fonts shown in this document are not intended to be restrictive. Other fonts may be used, but care shall be taken to ensure that legibility is maintained
4.11 Symbols in this document are presented at 32 % of original size. The grid marks “Lm denote the corners of the 75 mm square graphics grid from IEC 80416-1. The grid marks are not part of the symbol, but are provided to ensure consistent presentation of all symbol graphics.
5 Colour
5.1 When used on illuminated displays, the following colours have the meanings indicated:
— red: failure, serious malfunction, or dangerous operating condition that requires immediate attention;
— yellow or amber: approaching a dangerous operating condition;
— green: normal operating condition.BS ISO 7296-2 pdf download.