BS ISO 37160:2020 Smart community infrastructure — Electric power infrastructure — Measurement methods for the quality of thermal power infrastructure and requirements for plant operations and management.
forced outage rate
rate that a unit (12) was not available due to forced outages
ability to adjust power supply to demand
ability of a unit (32) to adjust its output power according to changes in demand
restricted time of the ability to adjust power supply to demand
time that the ability to adjust output power according to changes in demand is restricted
Note ito entry: The total time of the following are included.
a) The time that the use of auto frequency control (A PC) or load frequency control (LFC) was restricted due to unplanned causes.
b) The time that the output power of the unit (12) was constant due to unplanned causes.
Note 2 to entry: AFC is defined as the adjustment of output power using AFC devices to maintain the frequency of the electric system within a standard value.
Note 3 to entry: LFC is defined as detecting frequency variations and interconnected power variations caused by load variations and controlling the output power to maintain the frequency and power flow within standard values during normal operation.
emission rate
emissions of a given pollutant per unit (12) of output power over a given time period
EXAMPLE The value calculated by dividing the annual emissions by the annual power generation.
Note 1 to entry: Emission rate (of stacks) generally refers to SOx, NON, CO2 and particulate matter (PM) that are emitted from a unit.
industrial safety accident rate
number of people who became unable to work, the number of people whose work was restricted and the number of fatalities due to an accident per 200 000 or 1 000 000 man-hours worked
4 Evaluation indicators for the QTPI during the operational phase
4.1 QTPI
QTPI is an indication of the degree to which thermal power infrastructure consistently meets or exceeds requirements or expectations regarding:
— initial operation capability;
— supply stability;
— reliability;
— environmental and social considerations;
— safety;
— life cycle cost (LCC).
NOTE 1 The 3E+S is used to represent QTPI: energy security, environmental conservation, economic efficiency and safety.BS ISO 37160 pdf download.