BS ISO 2904-2020 ISO metric trapezoidal screw threads – Basic dimensions.
This docunsent specifics the basic dimensions of ISO metric trapezoidal screw threads in accordance with ISO 2902. The values refer to the design profiles in accordance with ISO 2901.
This document is chiefly applicable to traversing threads for traversing motion on machines. tools, etc It can also be used for fastening threads.
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1505408. Screw threads — Vocabulary
3 Terms and definitions
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4 Symbols
For the purposes of this document, the following symbols apply.
D basic minor diameter of Internal thread
Di basic pitch diameter of Internal thread
04 basIc major diameter of internal thread
d basic major diameter of external thread (nominal diameter)
d2 basic pitch diameter of external thread
d.4 basic minor diameter of external thread P pItch
a clearance at maior and minor diameters
Rj radius on crest corners of external thread on design profile
R radius on root corners of internal and external threads on design profile.BS ISO 2904 pdf download.