BS ISO 13739:2020 Petroleum products — Procedures for the transfer of bunkers to vessels.
5.2 Bunker suppliers shall have all these documents available. The documents shall bear the bunker supplier’s name and, if applicable, a valid hunkering licence or registration number. Bunker suppliers shall issue documents for a bunker delivery that are consistent with this document and applicable international conventions. Bunker suppliers may have their own formats for these documents.
5.3 The completion of proper documentation is the joint responsibility of the supplier’s representative, the chief engineer and the bunker surveyor (when engaged).
6 Bunker specifications
Unless otherwise agreed in the hunker agreement, the bunkers supplied shall be in accordance with
ISO 8217.
7 Pre-delivery
7.1 Safety health and environment
7.1.1 For the safe transfer of hunkers, the health, safety and environment (1-ISE) requirements given in Annex A shall be observed by all personnel involved in the delivery. Internationally accepted safety standards should also be observed.
7.1.2 The person in charge of the respective area(s) of bunker delivery operation shall remain at all times responsible for the safety of his/her crew, cargo and facilities, and should not allow safety to be prejudiced by the actions of others.
7.1.3 Methods for effective communication, emergency shutdown requirements given in A.3.5 and A.3.6. as well as hand signals shall be prearranged by the supplier’s representative, the chief engineer and the bunker surveyor (when engaged) (see Annex B). A copy of the hand signal diagram shall be given to the chief engineer and the hunker surveyor (when engaged) prior to the commencement of the hunkering operation.
7.2 Pre-delivery documentation
The following pre-delivery documents, where applicable, shall be signed and stamped by the supplier’s representative and the chief engineer when completed, except when otherwise stated by local regulations. These pre-delivery documents include:
a) bunkering pre-delivery safety checklist;
h) bunker requisition form;
c) non-cargo tanks inspection form for bunker tanker delivery;
d) cargo tanks measurement/calculation form.
These pre-delivery documents are intended to:
— record an agreement on operational details of the transfer;BS ISO 13739 pdf download.