BS IEC 60095-2-2021 Lead-acid starter batteries Part 2: Dimensions of batteries and dimensions and marking of terminals.
4 General requirements
4.1 General
The specifications of Clause 4 are common to all starter batteries according to this document.
4.2 Marking
4.2.1 Safety labelling
The batteries shall bear the six coloured safety symbols in accordance with 6.1 .6 of IEC 60095-1 :201 8.
4.2.2 Marking of the polarity of terminals General
The batteries shall carry the marking of polarity, at least of the positive terminal. Marking of positive terminals
This marking shall take the form of the symbol “+” either on the upper surface of the positive terminal or on the lid adjacent to the positive terminal. Marking of negative terminals
This marking shall take the form of the symbol “–” either on the upper surface of the negative terminal or on the lid adjacent to the negative terminal. Design and dimensions of marking of terminals
The symbols used for marking the terminals shall be in accordance with
IEC 6041 7-5005:201 2-1 0 for the positive and IEC 6041 7-5006:201 2-1 0 for the negative polarity.
The dimensions of the marking shall be according to Figure 1 .
4.3 Recycling
4.3.1 Recycling of lead
The batteries shall be marked with the symbols for recycling and separate collection according to IEC 60095-1 .
4.3.2 Recycling of plastic material
Injection moulded battery components need to be marked according to ISO 1 1 469 and ISO 1 043-1 . The marking shall be placed on the bottom of the battery container or on one short side near the ledge.
According to ISO 1 1 469 and ISO 1 043-1 the minimum marking for polypropylene-polyethylene copolymer is >PP< or >PP/PE<.
In addition it is possible to show the recycling symbol with number 7 (Unicode character ‘RECYCLING SYMBOL FOR TYPE-7 PLASTICS’ (U+2679) according to ISO/IEC 1 0646) and the term “Other”.
The recommended thickness is (0,3 ± 0,1 ) mm. The height of the marking characters shall be between 3 mm and 7 mm.
An example for this marking is shown in Figure 2.
4.4 Dimensions and design
All dimensions given in this document correspond to a temperature of 20 °C of the polypropylene-polyethylene copolymer.
Details of the design that are not indicated in the generic drawings need to be chosen appropriately.
The generic drawings in this document are possible examples only. Especially the design of the lid, handles, ribs, ledges and vent caps are not mandatory in total.
4.5 Dimensions of tapered battery terminals
The dimensions of the tapered positive and negative terminal shall be according to Figure 3.
5 Recommended types used in Europe (EU)
5.1 General
For new battery developments, only the recommended series shall be used.
Clause 5 specifies:
– the main dimensions of starter batteries of the preferred LN series;
– the location of the positive and negative terminals with respect to the fastening system;
– the dimensions of tapered terminals of starter batteries.
5.2 Main dimensions of batteries
The main dimensions of the batteries of the LN series are shown in Table 1 and Figure 4,Figure 5, Figure 6 and Figure 7.
NOTE The schematic drawings do not show every design detail of the battery.BS IEC 60095-2 pdf download.