BS EN ISO 9377-2-2000 Water quality 一 De termination of hydrocarbon oil index – Part 2: Method using solvent extraction and gas chromatography.
7.4 Data system suitabie tar integrating the tots area of the gas cfvornalograrn and suitable br compensaing br coli,nn bleedeig and for re ritegra*ing after &awng a new baseine.
7.5 SamplIng bottles glass. with ground glass stopper, capacity 250 rnt arid I 000 ml, or With screw cep, fried with PIFE (pcit.t,eabk.oroeeiewa)
The sampling borne shal aw direct extrachon frown the bottle.
7.8 CentrIfuge
7.7 Cenirltuge tubes. of cap ty tOO ml, witti suitable soewicap.
7.8 Nlcroseparator, low eiarnple see Figure A.2. or other suitable device tar phase separation.
7.9 Cleanup column. made from glass, with hit at sinter porosity 2. for eaample see Figure A
7.10 Kuderna Danish apparatus. with a 250 ml flask or other suitable concentration apparalis. e.g. a rcry
evaporator witfl aintrobled vacas
7.11 Magnetic stirrer with bar, of length suitable to ensure thorough miong
8 SamplIng and sample preservatIon
Sampling and storage stiall be in accordance with ISO 5667-3.
RI me sampling bottle (7.51 to approximately 90% with me sample, seal nptitly and weigh (me), Keep the sample at about 4 C and eslaa the sample as soon as poss4e, but in any case wttlsn taur days.
If necessary, preserve 11* sample wi the held by acang with mineral acid (65) to pH 2.
Preservation of the sample ‘ th field is recommended tar surfac, and ground water samples II a th content at isirmc substances is present in ground waters. idicated by a yeflowish-browresh colour of the sample. aodttying of the sample should be avoided to prevent the precipilaton of tsmic aide at the specied pH
NOTE I form,om of .mii.w or. concernirahon of aneverl end esgetahl. ails> ISO mgit. .p.cted, it adveab. to wtt1aw tionaIy a smaller sample jme in a250 ivit saTiping bane.
9 Procedure
9.1 Btsnk last
Carry out blar* tests with each series of tests in accordance with 9.3. nng all reagents and glassware In the
same way as me samples.
9.2 DeterminatIon of the recovery
Determine the recovery at regiiar intervals, preferably in each series at test., using 900 ml of water (61) to toitlich
1.0 ml of the OC standard 16.83) has been added. Perform the test starling with 9.3 and calculate the recovery
Ensuwethalterecovery.sbeqween 60%and 110%.BS EN ISO 9377-2 pdf download.