BS EN ISO 2409-2020 Paints and varnishes – Cross-cut test.
4 Principle
Six parallel cuts are Introduced in the and another six cuts ire Introduced perpendicular to the first cuts. Any looSe paint particles are removed. The cut area is eximined visually and compared to a six-step classification.
5 Apparatus
5.1 General
Use ordinary laboratory apparatus. together with the apparatus specified in £2 to SA.
5.2 CuttIng tool
S.2I General requirements
It is particularly important to ensure that the cutting tool is capable of creating the specified V-shape throughout the total coating thickness, and that the cutting edges are In good condition. Suitable tools are described In jLZand £2.2 and shown In Figures 1 and 2.
A slngle•blade cutting tool (522) as well as the multi-blade cutting tool (523) are suitable for all coatings and substrates; it shall be ensured that all cuts mark or scratch the substrate. The depth of indentation Into the substrate shall be as low as possible, however.
The took described in 533 and 52.3 are suitable for manual use, which is the more usual method of use, but the tools may also be mounted on a motor-driven apparatus, which gives more uniform cutting. The application of the latter procedure shall be subect to agreement between the interested parties.
The apparatus (manual or motor.drlven) and the type of cutting tool used have an influence on the test resulL Results obtained with different types of cutting tool cannot be directly compared. For each test series, the same cutting tool shall be used.
S22 Single-blade cutting tools
5.2.2,1 Hand-held single-blade cutting tool with a cutting edge as shown In Flgstre 1 a).
5.22.2 Single-blade cutting tool used in motor-driven apparatus as shown in Figure .
5.22.3 Cutter with a rigid blade with a V-shaped cutting edge as shown in Fjgurei b).
The specific thickness of the hladr is not specified, as long as the blade is rigid and the cut produced is V-shaped through the whole thickness of the coating,
WOTI The cutter blade is dei.igned to be lwokrn in a deftned manner so that a sharp blade Is available .aI any Iliac,
5.2.3 Multi-blade cutting tools
5.23.1 Hand’held multlblade cutting tool with cutting edges as shown in Eigurel.
5.232 MultI-blade cutting tool used En motor-driven apparatus as shown in FIgure 3.
The multiblade cutting tool shall have six cutting edges spaced 1 mm. 2 mm or 3 mm apart. In addition. two guide edges (see Figure 2) are necessary to make handling easier, The guide edges and the cutting edges shall lie in one plane (see Figure2).BS EN ISO 2409 pdf download.