BS EN ISO 24034-2020 Welding consumables一Solid wire electrodes, solid wires and rods for fusion welding of titanium and titanium alloys一Classification.
5.2 Symbol for the chemial composition
The numerical symbols in Table 1 indicate the chemical composition of a solid wire or rod, determined under the conditions given in Clause Z The first two digits indicate the alloy group See Annex A for an explanation of the numerical symbols. The optional addtional chemical symbols in Table 1 indicate the chemical composition and include an indication of the characteristic alloying elements,
6 Mechanical properties
Mechanical properties of al-weld metal or welded joints are not part of this cassification.n
7 Chemical analysis
Chemical analysis shall be performed on specimens of the product or the stock from which it Is made. See also footnote c to Table 1 Any analytical technique may be used but, in cases of dispute, reference shall be made to established published methods, agreed between the contracting parties.
8 Rounding procedure
Actual test values obtained shall be subject to IS0 80000-1:2009, B.3, Rule A. If the measured values are obtained by equlpment calbrated in units other than those of this document, the measured values shall be converted to the units of this document before rounding. If an average value is to be compared to the requirements of this document, rounding shall be done only after calculating the average. The rounded results shall fulfil the requirements of the appropriate table for the classification under test.
9 Retests
If any test fails to meet the requirement(s]. that test shall be repeated twice. The results of both retests shall meet the requirement. Speclmens for the retest may be taken from the original test assembly or sample or from one or two new test assemblies. For chemical analysis, retests need only be for those specific elements that falled to meet the requirement. If the results of one or both retests fall to meet the requirement, the materlal under test shall be considered as not meeting the requirements of this document for that dassification. In the event that during preparation, or after completion of any test, it is clearly determined that prescribed or proper proceduires were not followed in preparing the weld test assembly or sample(s) or test specimen(s). or in conducting the tests, the test shall be considered invalid. This determination is made without regard to whether the test was actually completed, or whether the test results met, or failed to meet, the requlrements. That test shall be repeated, fllowving proper prescribed procedures. In this case, the requirement for doubling the number of test specimens does not apply.
10 Technical delivery conditions
Technical delivery conditions shall meet the requirements of ISO 544 and ISO 14344.BS EN ISO 24034 pdf download.