BS EN IEC 62435-8-2020 Electronic components一Long-term storage of electronic semiconductor devices Part 8: Passive electronic devices.
4.4 Storage media
The storage media refers to trays, tubes, tape-and-reel, bulk bag or other purpose-built packaging for storage of finished products. Care should be taken to ensure the media does itself not contain absorbed or adsorbed moisture, chemical contaminants or oils that can make their way to the units being stored. Media can include dunnage used to secure the trays together during handling and include tension bands andlor straps which are subject to the same requirements as trays.
4.5 Documentationlpaper lot identifiers
Lot information and documentation can be stored with units in LTS as a method to ensure unit level and lot level identification during storage and prior to use. Lot information recorded on paper and electronic devices are subject to the same restrictions for absorbed or adsorbed moisture, chemical contaminants or oils that can provide stimuli for failure of parts upon final assembly.
4.6 Inventory check
Inventory checking should be accomplished by either passive or active means depending upon business needs and terms of the obligation. Passive inventory checks are advantageous to ensure proper accounting and minimal added handling.
Added handling, in the case of active checking, introduces additional risk to parts by unintended exposure or damage. Examples of unintended damage include: damage to moisture barrier bags resulting in a leak detected at a later time as well as electrostatic discharge which can be detected at system integration at a later time. A special case of inventory check can be necessary when a new test program or manufacturing issue is detected and found to affect stored inventory. The supplier can determine to manage the process proactively as an issue is uncovered or passively prior to shipment to the customer. It is the responsibility of the supplier or distributor to manage the inventory to the performance specification sheet and the terms and conditions of the business agreement.
Added handling during an active inventory check and re-assessment is a practice that should be properly planned and executed to prevent handling damage, electrostatic discharge and violation of ambient moisture exposures.
4.7 Inventory dry packing refreshing
A new dry packaging operation can be required after an active inspection of inventory. Refreshing of the desiccant and moisture humidity indicator card should be controlled within a small time interval taking care to limit moisture or other exposures. A refresh is necessary if the desiccant used for storage is insufficient in quantity or if moisture has leaked into a rated moisture barrier bag. Similarly, it shall be required to refresh with a new humidity indicator
BS EN IEC 62435-8:2020
IEC 62435-8:2020 4D IEC 2020 — 13 —
card when the storage duration is beyond the demonstrated life or capability of the card to detect moisture exposure.BS EN IEC 62435-8 pdf download.