BS EN 993-5-2000 Methods of test for dense shaped refractory products一 Part 5: Determination of cold crushing strength.
6 Test pieces
6.) The test pieces shall be either:
cylinders 50mm ± 0,5 mm in diameter and 50 mm ± 05 mm in height; or cubes cr mm 0.5 mm in edges lcngtA
Where it is not possible to obtain this s,e from the test item, cylinders 36 mm ± 0.3 mm in diameter and 36 mm * 0.3 mm in height shall he used. Only one test picvc shall be taken from each item to be tested, unless otherwise agreed and reported (see clause 9).
6.2 Test pieces shall be cul from the ilem(s) so that the load applied during testing is in the same direction as the forming pressure during manulai.iurc of the item, where this is known. The original position of the test pieces in the item(s) shall bc reported. Test pieces containing cracks or s’isibk defects shall be discarded and this shall also be reporlesL floth ends of the test ptece shall be made plane and parallel, grinding the surfaces where required. Water sensitive material where hydration is expected dunng the time of test piece preparation and handling shall be machined dry or by using a non-reacting liquid.
To ensure that the top and bottom ends of the lest pieces are plane over their entire surface. each end shall in turn be pressured with a load of 3 kN * I kN onto a leselling plate which is lined with carbon or blue paper and hard filter paper (0.15 mm in thickness). Test pieces that do not show two complete, clearly visible coloured impressions shall be reground (see Figures 2 loS for csamples of cylindncal test pieces).
NOIF A stcel straight edge can be used 10 assist in checking the s f’accs. Mortar should not be used to plane the surfaces.
6.3 The parallelism of the test pieces shall be checked by friur measurements of the height, at the extremities of two perpendicular diameters Ir a cylinder, or for a cube, along the four edges between the load.bcaring faces. The diflircnce between any two of these nicasuremerns of height shall not exceed 0.2 mm.
6.4 The perpendicularity shall be checked by placing the test piece on a plane surface and using a set square, placed against the side of the lest piece, at four positions corresponding to the height measurements. No gap between the side of the test piece and the set square shall ecccd 0,5 mm. measured with feeler gauges.
63 l)rying of’ test pieces h prepared lest pieces shall be carefully dried by placing them in a drying oscn at (110± 5) °C to constant mass. lhey arc then cooled to room temperature and stored in a dry place until the test is begun.BS EN 993-5 pdf download.