BS EN 703-2021 Agricultural machinery一Safety一Silage loading, mixing and/ or chopping and distributing machines.
4.2.3 Additional requirements for manual controls
The manual controls of powered cutting and loading tools (rotary and oscillating cutter or knives) as well as of the loading door shall be designed or guarded so that the tools and the loading door cannot move without intentional action (e.g. a manual control requiring two different actions to be operational, remote control box with protection rail around the manual controls).
Verification: shall be by inspection and functional test.
The location of the manual control(s) of cutting and loading tools or loading door shall be such that when the operator actuates these from the work station or the driver’s station, there is visibility on the work area of cutting and loading tools or the loading door in accordance with 4.3.
Verification: shall be by inspection, measurement and function test in accordance with 4.3.
When the machine is travelling, it shall be possible to actuate controls for mixing and/or chopping and distribution only from the driver’s station.
Verification: shall be by function test.
4.3 Visibility
4.3.1 For work area of the cutting, loading tools and loading door located at front of the machine
The visibility is considered to be adequate when the operator, from his driver’s and work station, can see the work area of the cutting, loading tools and the loading door over their whole width, including any lateral entrapment zones. This work area extends from the highest working position to a height of I m or less from the ground when the machine is in its loading position and:
— for self-propelled machines, at 200 mm measured from the edge of the cutting and loading tools (see Figure 1).
When direct visibility is not achieved from the drivers station, machines with cutting and loading tools at the front of the machine shall be fitted with devices such as mirrors or closed circuit television (CCTV) which ensure indirect visibility.
Verification: shall be by measurement.
Verification is achieved with the tools in the raised position. The position of the operator’s eye is determined as shown in Figure 1. A lateral displacement of the eye of the operator is allowed within ± 300 mm from the medium position.BS EN 703 pdf download.