BS EN 33-2019 WC pans and WC suites – Connecting dimensions.
This document specifies the connecting dimensions of WC pans and WC suites regardless of the materials used for their manufacture.
This document does not apply to siphonic action WC pans and WC suites.
NOTE 1 Other connecting dimensions are permitted, e.g. special designs of WC pans, if the manufacturer supplies or recommends the appropriate fittings.
NOTE 2 The shape of the appliance in the figures is for illustration only; it in no way prejudices the final shape of the appliance, which Is left to the initiative of the manufacturer.
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4 Connecting dimensions
4.1 Inlet of WC pans with independent water supply
The connecting dimensions of inlets of WC pans with independent water supply shall comply with the dimensions given in Tables 1 and 2.BS EN 33 pdf download.