BS EN 197-5-2021 Cement – Part 5: Portland-composite cement CEM II/C-M and Composite cement CEM VI.
Composite cement CF.M VI containing in total a quantity of granulated blast furnace slag(S) of between 31% and 59% by mass and limestone (L)ol between 6% and 20% by mass and of strength class 32.5 with high early strength is designated by:
Composite cement EN 197-S – (EM VI (54) 32,5 K
Composite Cem,rnt LLH I .onLaUunj in total a quantty ul gldtlulatcd blast turOaLe slag (S iii between 31 % and 59% by mass and natural pozzolana (P) of between 6% and 20% by mass and of strength class 42.5 with low early strength Is designated by:
Composite cement EN 197-5 – (EM VI (S-I’) 42.5 L
7 Conformity criteria
For cements covered by this document the conlorrnity cntefla speclfled In Table 2 and in Clause 9 or
EN 197-1:2011 shall apply. In particular, conformity criteria specified tot all cements” in
EN 197-1:2011 shall also apply for cement covered by this document.
The conformity of cements covered by this document should be demonstrated by:
— factory production control, induding product assessment, in accordance with Clause 4 of
EN 197-2:2020
— assessment of the peilurinance of the cement in accordance with 5.1 of EN 197-2:2020;
initial Inspection of the manufacturing plant and of factory production control in accordance with 52 of EN 197.2:2020;
— continuing surveilbnce. assessment and evaluation of factory production control In accordance with 5.301 EN 197-22020;
— audit-testing of samples taken it the Isciory/depot In .iccordancr with 5.4 ol EN 197-2:2020,
Information concerning reports is given in 5.5 of EN 197-2:2020. Actions to he taken in the event of non-conformity are specified in S6 of EN 197-2:2020.
8 AttestatIon of conformity
For the attestation of conformity of cements covered by this docunient the procedure specified In Clause 6 of EN 197-2:2020 shall apply. When compliance with the conditions of this document is achieved, a certificate of conformity should be Issued, The certl&ate shall Include:
— name, address and idenUikation number of the certification body;
— standard designation of the cement;
— name and address of the manufacturer or distributor jnd place of production;
— provisions to which the product conforms (i.e. this EN 197-5);
— conditions of validity of the certilkate, where applicable;
— the number of the certificate:
— name of. md position held by. the person empowered to sign the certitkate.BS EN 197-5 pdf download.