BS EN 17389-2020 Stationary source emissions一Quality assurance and quality control procedures for automated dust arrestment plant monitors.
7.2.3 Parallel measurements with the SRM
Parallel measurements shall be performed with the filter dust monitor and the SRM in order to configure the filter dust monitor. The SRM measurements shall be performed according to EN 13284-1.
The test laboratory performing the SRM measurements shall demonstrate their competence in performing the measurements.
NOTE 1 Competence can be demonstrated by accreditation according to EN ISO/IEC 17025, or by direct approval by the competent authority.
The SRM measurements shall be performed at a measurement plane in a duct, which fulfils the requirements of EN 15259, and is as close as possible to the filter dust monitor, while taking into account that the presence of the SRM equipment shall not influence or disturb the filter dust monitor measurements and vice versa.
In order to ensure that the configuration is valid for the range of conditions within which the plant will operate, the concentrations during the configuration shall be varied within the normal operation of the plant This shall ensure that the configuration of the filter dust monitor is valid over as large a range as possible, and also that it covers most operational situations.
NOTE 2 Careful measurement planning can identil’ the optimum time for the parallel measurements, when the emissions are at their highest.
The dust concentrations are often close to zero compared to the ELy, if the dust cleaning equipment of the plant is operating normally. The measurement range can be extended in some cases by increasing the dust concentration. This can be achieved by e.g. changing the plant load, lowering the efficiency of the gas cleaning equipment, or by injecting dust of the same physical properties and ensuring homogeneous concentration across the measurement planes of the filter dust monitor and the SRM (see Annex A). The approach shall be selected by the test laboratory and agreed with both the plant operator and the competent authority and be fully documented in the configuration report.
At least 6 valid parallel measurements with a sampling duration of 30 mm each or at least 3 valid parallel measurements with a sampling duration of I h each shall be performed in a measurement range, where the instrument is responding to dust (this means that it has an output that is not zero or noise), over one or more consecutive days. The total sampling duration shall be at least 3 h. The sampling duration of the individual measurements shall be selected by the test laboratory taking into account e.g. the dust concentration level and the limit of quantification of the SRM as well as legal requirements.
This document requires valid data points over a total sampling duration of at least 3 h. If data points are excluded as invalid in the data evaluation, this requirement can be failed. It is therefore recommended that additional data points be taken, to allow for the exclusion of invalid data pairs.
During the parallel measurements with the filter dust monitor and the SRM, each result is considered as a measurement pair (one filter dust monitor reading and one SRM measured value) and these shall cover the same time period.
The SRM measured results shall be expressed at standard conditions for temperature and pressure and, where required for water vapour.BS EN 17389 pdf download.