BS EN 17109-2020 Mountaineering equipment一Individual safety systems for rope courses一Safety requirements and test methods.
Where stitching Is used to provide safety arid strength (e.g. In points) it shall be possible to inspect It and the stitching shall contrast with the textile element In colour or surface appearance.The MCD stial be designed to ensure that the loading is in pre-determined elirecilon(s).
Only for category E, the connection between the lanyard and the MCD shall no be able to be placed into the opening of the MCD without a tool.
The functioning of the MCD system shal be in accordance with the information supplied by the manufacturer (see Ciause 7) and the category or categofles as descnbed in 3.6 to 3.10.
4.2 Manual extraction test for categories C. 1) and £
Only for MCD which are used on caNe safety lines when tested in accordance with 5.2. the MCD shall not he able no be removed from the cable.
4.3 Static strength
4.3,1 Function under a lest load (only for MCI) with pulleys)
For MCI) with pulleys, when tested in accordance with 5.3.2. the pulley wheel(s) of the MCI) shall be able to rotate 10 times in both directions (see Figure 6).
If the MCD is one-directional, then the requirement is only for the intended direction.
4.3.2 Defonnatlon test For MCD
This test applies to MCD of category E and to other categories, where relevant
When tested in accordance with 53,3 when the load is released, the permanent deformation of the MCD opening shall be less than 0.5 mm.
4.3,3 StatIc strength test for all ISS with all categories of MCD
When tested in accordance wIth 53.4. the load shall not be released.
4.3.4 MCD transversal static strength test
Tins test applies to MCI) of category E and to other categones. if relevant.
When tested in accordance with 53.5. the MCD shall not release the load.
4.4 Locking devices of the openinguf the MCD
When the opening of the MCD is dosed by a locking devce. the side gate test of EN 12275:2013 shall be carried out and Its respective requirement met (see EN 12275:2013. 4.23.2).
If the MCD is closed by a locking device which is not at the place of the opening. both the lace gate test and the side gate test of EN 12275:20 13 shall be c.amed out on the locking device and their requirements shall be met (see EN 12275:2013, and 4.23.2).
4.5 Stability oltape
If the lanyard is made of woven tape not conlonnlng to EN 5652017, 4.1. when tested In accordance with S. I, the weft yarn at the tape shall not be released from the tape sample.
4.6 Coi’roslon resistance
When tested In accordance with 5.6. there shall be no corrosion of the metal parts material that would affect their functxnnal operation. eg. the correct operation of moving e)ements The presence of tarnishing and white scaling is acceptable.BS EN 17109 pdf download.