BS EN 17092-6-2020 Protective garments for motorcycle riders Part 6: Class C garments – Requirements.
4.7 Additional garment construction requirements
4.7.1 General
Garments shall meet the following requirements, according to their zones, which are determined according to EN 17092-1:2020, 5.2.
4.7.2 Structural closures
Structural closures present in garments shall be tested according to the seam strength test procedure and shall meet the seam strength requirements of their respective zone. The structural closures themselves shall not fail anywhere along their length prior to meeting the zone seam strength requirement. If present, seams attaching structural closures to the garment shall also meet the seam strength requirements of their respective zone.
4.7.3 Vents
Openings in any zone of the SSL created by vents or vent systems of any type, including vent systems designed with multiple closures or fastening systems used in combination to create a larger vent area, shall be completely covered by SSL material that meets the applicable zone requirements or the vent opening must be filled with material that meets the applicable zone requirements, with the exception of vents that are single linear openings in Zone 2 or single linear openings crossing from Zone 2 to Zone 3. These vents may have an opening that is filled with material that only meets Zone 3 requirements, provided the vent has been designed so that its opening is restricted to 4 cm or less in width, when measured at 90° to the line of the closure, at any point along the length of the vent. Apart from these exceptions, vents or vent systems crossing over more than one zone shall meet the requirements of the higher zone, if applicable.
4.7.4 Pockets
Pockets attached to the SSL (and their closures), excluding pockets for impact protectors, are not subject to testing.
Pockets creating an opening in the SSL shall have SSL material inside which fills the exposed opening and extends along the interior of the pocket beyond the opening at least an additional 3 cm. lithe pocket crosses over two zones, the material filling the exposed opening shall meet the higher zone requirements, if applicable.
4.7.5 Zone intrusions
Zone 3 boundaries may be allowed to intrude into Zone 2, to allow for the use of materials or construction in Zone 2 which only meet Zone 3 requirements, for the purposes of ergonomics or ventilation, within the following limits: the total area permitted for Zone 3 materials intrusion into Zone 2 shall be calculated according to Table 5, where W’ = the waist circumference E (in cm) as described and measured in EN 17092-1:2020, and Table 3.BS EN 17092-6 pdf download.