BS EN 17092-4-2020 Protective garments for motorcycle riders Part 4: Class A garments – Requirements.
4 Requirements
4.1 General
4.1.1 Tests
Tests shall be performed on complete garments. If it is not possible to perform any required test using an actual test sample garment, the test may be performed using a representative sample of same material(s) and construction as found in the complete garment.
4.1.2 Innocuousness
PPE materials and parts shall not contain, release or degrade to release any harmful substances generally known to be toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, allergenic, teratogenic or otherwise harmful. Garments shall conform to the innocuousness requirements of EN ISO 13688:2013, 4.2.
4.1.3 Dimensional stability of garments
Dimensional stability shall be assessed on the whole garment according to EN ISO 5077:2008. The sample shall be submitted to washing according to EN ISO 13688:2013, 5.2.
The variation shall not exceed 5 %.
Assessment of dimensional stability is not required where only surface cleaning treatments, which are not considered to affect the performance of the garment are recommended by the manufacturer (e.g. wiping with a damp sponge).
4.1.4 Garment and samples performance after cleaning
Garments and samples shall be cleaned according to EN ISO 13688:2013, 5.2 prior to testing and shall conform to the requirements specified in 4.2 — 4.8 of this standard after the required number of cleanings, if applicable.
For garments with mandatory required or optional impact protectors, where according to the manufacturer’s instructions the protectors are to be removed prior to cleaning the protectors shall be able to be reinstalled after cleaning. Cleaning is not necessary where only surface cleaning treatments which, are not considered to affect the performance of the garment are recommended by the manufacturer (e.g. wiping with a damp sponge).
4.2 Impact energy absorption
4.2.1 General
Impact protectors (see the definitions at 32, 3.3 and 3.4) shall be present in the garment according to Table 1.
For garments with pockets for optional impact protectors, there shall be at least one type of impact protector that is available for each protector pocket.
All impact protectors present in a garment, whether mandatory or optional, shall meet at least the Level I of the requirements according to the standards listed in Table 1. Pockets intended for impact protectors shall not contain any other items other than impact protectors complying with the applicable part of EN 1621.
EN 1621 impact protectors shall be positioned in the garment so that they cover the appropriate body part according to the relevant impact protector standard.BS EN 17092-4 pdf download.