BS EN 17069-1-2019 Railway applications – Systems and procedures for change of track gauge Part 1: Automatic Variable Gauge Systems.
6.2.4 Axle boxes / Bearings
Axle boxes, greases and bcarlnp shall comply with EN 120(10. EN 120B1 and EN 12081 When these standards ar. not to be directly applied due to the use of other type of technology, they should be considered at least as a guide A validation process according to 6.3.1 shall be’ applied in any case,
It shall be possible to monitor the axle bearing condition either by:
— track side detection equipment: or
— on-board equipment.
Vehicles intended to be monitored by track side equipment on networks with 1 435 mm nominal track gauge shall comply with all requirements regarding target zone and prohibitive zone as Set out en
EN 154371.
For vehicles intended to be monitored by track side equipment on networks with nominal track gauges oil 520 mm. 1 524 mm, I 600 mm or 1 6611mm, the corresponding requirements for target zone and prohibitive zone arc established In Annex A.
When hot-box detection is not possible at track-side, on-board systems according to EN 15437-2 shall be Installed.
62.5 Loddog mechanism
The kicking mechanism, which is an Integral pars of the vanabk-gauge manning gear, shall reliably perform the Following functions, allowing For static and dynamic forces, the effects of weather, wear, and possible heating dii. to braking
— locking of wheels of variable-gauge running gear at the corresponding position for a given track gauge. irstspcctivv ci the operating conditions outside the gauge changeover facility;
— release and locking of wheels while passing throui the gauge changeover facility.
Correct locking of the system shall be verified after every pass.ige thrmigh the gauge changeover facility by means of connoling the correct position of the locking system by using at least one of the following methods:
— visual control;
— on-board control system;
— infrastructure/facility control cystent
Arrangements shall be made in order to prevent the Intrusion olrain. %flOW or dust, which can ienpardtze safety and Increase wear.
The correct performance of axial movement of wheels shall be ensured. This shall be verified dunng in- service tests.
I)unng In-service operation and maintenance, the locking mechanism of variable-gauge running gear shall not show any detect that could cause displacement of one or both wheels. Defects on the sealing elements of wheels and/or the locking mechanIsm of variable-gauge running gear are pennissibie Insofar wheels are properly locked.
6.2.6 Running gear frame
The running gear frame shall comply with EN 13749. When this document does not apply due to the use of other type of technology. 1 should be considered at least as a guide A v-alidation process according to 63.1 shall be applied in any case. According to the design, the locking mechanism can be part of the running gear frame.BS EN 17069-1 pdf download.