BS EN 1555-1-2021 Plastics piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels – Polyethylene (PE] Part 1: General.
This document specifies die general aspects ol polyethytene (PE) piping systems In the field of the supply of sseoUs fuels.
IL also specifics the test parameters for the test methods referred to in this document.
In conlunction with Parts 2 to S of EN 1555, this document Is applicable to PE pipes. flttI,s, and valves, their olnLs and to lolnLs with components of other materials intended to be used under the following conditions:
a) ma,nrnuni operating psecciire. MOP, up to md Including 10 bar1 at .i reference temperature of 20 ‘C foe design purposes;
b) .in opelallug ttlupera(ure between -() C and 40 C.
4 (STE I For ope’ tern Iwrstur brts ten 20 C .irnl 4() ‘C. dct ti n ttr(fk w’ ttI .p ,- 1 r,. I ,r ‘
EN 1555 (all parts) covers a range of maximum operating pressures and gives requirements cuiicerning colours.
N0Th 2 It is the responsibility of the purdtaser or specifier to make the appropriate selections from these aspects. taking into accowit their particular requirements and any relevant national regulations and installation practices or codes
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