BS EN 14103-2020 Fat and oil derivatives – Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME] – Determination of ester and linolenic acid methyl ester contents.
5 Reagents
Use only reagents of recognized analytical grade, unless otherwise specifled.
5.1 Toluene, analytical grade, no impurities of toluene eluting after methyl ester C6:0.
5.2 Nonadecanoic acid methyl ester (FAME C19:0), GC purity, min.99.0 % (m/m).
GC Purity of nonadecanolc acid methyl ester shall be checked for every new lot according to the procedure described in 8.2.
Standard shall be kept at room temperature in a dry storage (.g desiccator) in order to limit its water absorption. Its water content shall be below 0,2 % (m/m) and verified by Karl Fischer determination when a new lot of standard is opened.
If the purity is lower than 99,0 % (m/m) do not use it for this determination.
5.3 Carrier gas, hydrogen or helum, 99,999 5 % pure or better, gas chromatography quality, dried, oxygen removed by suitable flters (<0,1 mg/kg). free from organle impurities.
5.4 Auxilary gases, hydrogen and alr, gas chromatography qualty, free from organic impurities.
6 Apparatus
Usual laboratory apparatus and, in particular, the fllwing
6.1 Gas chromatograph, equipped with a variable split flow injector or equivalent device, a temperature programmable oven and a flame ionization detector.
6.2 Capillary column, coated with polyethylene glycol (Carbowax 20M) stationary phase, the following characteristices have been found suitable: length: 30 m, internal diameter. 0,25 mm, flm thickness 0,25 um.
Stationary phase other than polyethylene glycol should be tested first before being selected as Co- elution between the internal standard (FAME C19:0] and other fatty acid methyl esters may exist.
NOTE Indeed, there is a co-elution between FAME C19:0 and linoleic acid methyl ester (FAME C18:2) when using a colunn with a stationary phase such as 70 % cyanopropt-poyilphenylene- siloxane (BPX70).
6.3 Glass mono-use tubes, equipped with plastic mono-use stopper, 10 ml capacity.
6.4 Pipette, 10 ml capacity.
6.5 Analytical balance, accuracy t 0,1 mg,
7 Sampling
Sampling is not part of the method specifed in this European Standard. A recommended sampling method is given in EN IS0 5555 [1].
8 Procedure
8.1 Operating conditions
The chromatographic analysis conditions will be chosen taking into account the characteristics of the column being used and the type of carrter gas (hydrogen or helum).BS EN 14103 pdf download.