BS EN 131-6-2019 Ladders Part 6: Telescopic ladders.
Tests shall be performed at a temperature between 15 ‘C and 25 ‘C
Where the ascendable side cannot be determined by the construuion of the product, or where It Is a multiple part combination ladder. the ladder shall be tested twice regardIng 6.3 and 64. Conduct strength test and bending test on one side then rotate the adder 180’ about the longitudinal axis and repeat 6.3 and 6.4. The second test can be carried out on a new ladder.
Inspect the Udder before testing to confirm condition and operation of all parts by Fully extending the ladder.
6.2 Ladder preconditloning
62.1 General
Ladders for testing shall be preconditioned according to 6.22. After preconditioning the following requirement shall be met:
— no rupturing of parts shall be observed:
— the release Function and/or locking indicator shall work correctly;
— the locking mechanism shall work correctly:
— there shall be no relative movement between the connectors and the rungs/steps;
— permanent deformation is only acceptable providing the ladder remains fully functional and it does not impair the Fitness for use, or safety, of the bddcr
— the complete ladder shall be lit for use;
— the protection system against squeezing or entrapment shall be fully functionaL
The ladder shall pass all the test from test block A. see Annex A
62.2 Drop test
Place the estended ladder In vertical positlon 121 the ladder fall In the direction of uçe from vertical to horizontal position on a flat concrete floor by its own weight. Repeat the test with ladder rotated 180 about the longitudinal axis.
Ilnng the ladder back to storage position.
6.3 Strength test of stiles
The test shall he carried out on the etmiplete ladder, The test shall be carried out on the maximum extended ladder according to the manufacturers instruction.
Where the ascendable sldc can not be determined by the construction of the product the ladder shall be tested twice. For the second test the ladder shall be rotated 180 about the longitudinal axis. The second test can be carried out on a new Udder.BS EN 131-6 pdf download.