BS EN 12697-22-2020 Bituminous mixtures – Test methods Part 22: Wheel tracking. The roling load applied to the test specimen shall be (5 000 t 50) N at the centre of the test specimen, measured at least when the device is static. The centre line of the tyre track shall be not more than 5 mm from the theorotical centre of the test specimen. The angle of skew of the wheel shall be (0,0土0,5)*.
6.1.2 Mould(s)
Mould(s) of internal dimensions (500 x 180 x 50) mm or (500 x 180 x 100) mm, all dimensions t 2 mm,capable of withstanding the test conditions without distortion.
6.13 Depth gauge
Depth gauge to measure local distance from the reference plane, dy to within土0.2 mm and with a square, rectangle or circular measurement area of between 5 mm2 and 10 mm2. A contact-free sensor can be used if it leads to the same result.
6.1.4 Ventilated enclosure
Ventilated enclosure with a set temperature that is regulated by a probe installed within the test speclmen such that the temperature within the speclmen is maintained at the set temperature生2 oC (see Figure 1]
6.1.5 Temperature sensors
Temperature sensor(s) suitable for intallation within a compacted bituminous test specimen and for the measurement of air temperature.
6.1.6 Temperature monitoring indicator
Temperature monitoring indicator to record the temperature within the test specimen, as shown in Figure 1.
6.1.7 Steel supporting plate
Steel supporting plate with a surface unevenness of less than 1 mm when checked with a steel rule across the diagonals and of a thickness such that the deflection under test conditions of this document shall not exceed 0,5 mm.
6.18 Non-stick chemical
Non-stick chemial, such a glycerized sodium oleate.
6.2 Extra large devices
6.2.1 Device simulating a rlling load which shall indlude General
Wheel ftted with a 6.00-R9 pneumatic tyre without tread pattern and having a track width of (110土5) mm. The travel of pneumatic tyre relative to the specimen shall be (700 5) mm. The time of travel (outward and retum) shall be (25土+05)s.BS EN 12697-22 pdf download.