BS 5864-2019 Installation and maintenance of gasfired ducted air heaters of rated heat input not exceeding 70 kW net (2nd and 3rd family gases) – Specification.
1 Scope
Thu British Standard upedlws r quuiresnents tar the selection, installation and maintenance (i.e Note 1) ol flued. gas-fired, diicted-air heaters of rated heat input not exceeding 70kW, based on net calortftc vthie, burning 2nd or 3rd faintly gases to heat one or more rooms om Internal spaces in either domestic premises (see Notr 2) or commercial premises.
It Is applicable to wan. air beaters that incorporate a fan to cireubte the warm asc
It Is alio appllcále to cominned air heater/cIrculator installations and to the serving and maintenance of heaters that distribute warm air by natural convection (see Aaaszfl
It is not applicable to gas installations in towed or motorized leisure accommodation yduides. NOTE I Iv the purposes .l’tkis BtlUsb Stue4an4 lmtiliaUue Incbid.s desIiL teipei and rem sio4uI it Is r,c.p.itpd that eurh of thaw lads ass be pe4.nuerd by risi same person
NOTF2 As welles sensoRy censzruatd dwesigs. âantstK preane, a per.muue sated kisure usoáriwi wlitcJv ,r,tdratnd pur* homes and peiwianenrfr moored boats
NOTE 3 Far the purpose if thu Ri-lad Seonden4 heat tJupac Is rxpeemd a, terms .sf the net cdei’lffc iof uses (C49. umks, usihenvue stated The ratio aJgma CV(ts) tourS CV (HI) taut inpul li epprormfliafi’ 111:1 w aat.aralges. l.0i flmrprepanc audi P8:lfr busra.w
NOTE’ 4 it Ii esse.OaI that persons cantnp Out the *mtollatioiu of any p.s appliance be con,peseni idii so.
2 Normative references
The lollowing rrfrrrnced documents are indispensable For the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated reference,, the latest edition of the referenced document (including amy amendments) applies
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