BS 0-2:2005 A standard for standards – Part 2: Structure and drafting – Requirements and guidance.
A guide shall be drafted in the (ann olguidancr, supported by
recrsnntendanons where appropriate. k shall mM coiMam rvqulrenwnts.
A nrahulasy. being a compendium of tennis and deftrutions. shall be drafted In accordance with iJw requlrenwnia applying to thooee elementa ala standard (see 7.8.4 , and aba In accordance with ISO 10241.
A claaaifteaaon utandard shall draignate and deaerthe ihffernst grades eta product, or ltkntm and arrange data In hlernrrhfral order.
Draft for development
A draft for iIn’i9opmnt, being a p(ILI’ntiaI llntisli Stanclanl, shall ii all respetla be CbnIINI In the manner approprIate to a formal standard at the same type (e aprdfinitüwt. inetlaid).
Hossn’er in oider to alert the user to the atatus anal cuntexi of a draft for devrkipnwnt, and in particular to (lie fact that cannot hr regarded as a (urinal Hntaali Standard. the text peescfltied In The List guide’ to sffindanUrrzt,nn – *‘riios I ahall always appear in the doninwni
Auxiliary publication
It an auxihaty publication, such as a reference card, colour chart, map or test sheet Is to be inqusl as an adjunct to a [Iritada Standard. it shall be developed for publication In accordance sith the saint procrdwn as other Itrasiih Standards and shall csny the nwnbrr nlthe main standard with a suffix letter (e.g. 115 520 lfl
Structure, divisions and elements Stnicturc
S. 1.1 F.wiy standard, whether isunl on its own or as a pad in a series 01 atan&lards ,hall apply to a single dlwrete ,sjl.iject,
1.1.1 Enny standard shall have a unigur Idenairicatit, nunaber.
6.1.3 Every standard shall have a logical, coherent structure. As a minimum, it shall inclu(le (he following elemeiits:
a) a title;
b) a foreword;
c) the scope statement (sec 7.7); and
d) main text with provisions.
6.1.4 If a udard is subdivided into parts, each Inul shall lx
designated by an arabic numeral, e.g. BS O-2 for Part 2 of BS 0.
Elements of text Part
A standard shall be divided into parts if:
a) some provisions only will be of particular interest to separate groups of users, e.g. performance, quality assessment;
b) some provisions will be restricted to a single user interface, e.g. in a product standard, between purchaser and supplier;
c) different types of standard are needed. e.g. a specification and a code of practice;
the subject is extensive and the time required to pro