AS NZS 3800:2020 Electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres一Repair and overhaul (IEC 60079- 19:2015 (ED. 3.1), MOD).
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in IEC 60079-0 and the following apply.
NOTE Additional definitions applicable to explosive atmospheres can be found in IEC 60050-426.
serviceable condition
condition which permits a replacement or reclaimed component part to be used without prejudice to the performance or explosion protection aspects of the equipment, with due regard to the requirements of the certificate documentation as applicable, in which such a component part is used
action to restore faulty equipment to its fully serviceable condition complying with the relevant standard
NOTE The relevant standard means the standard to which the equipment was originally designed.
action to restore to a fully serviceable condition equipment which has been in use or in storage for a period of time but which is not faulty
routine actions taken to preserve the fully serviceable condition of the installed equipment (see Clause 1)
component part
an indivisible item
NOTE The assembly of such items may form equipment.
recim ion
means of repair involving, for example, the removal or addition of material to reclaim component parts which have sustained damage, in order to restore such parts to a serviceable condition in accordance with the relevant standard
NOTE The relevant standard means the standard to which the individual parts were originally manufactured.
change to the design of the equipment which affects material, fit, form or function
NOTE As the certificate describes specific construction of the equipment, a modification of the equipment would no longer comply with the construction described in the certificate documentation.
maker of the equipment (who may also be the supplier, the importer or the agent) in whose name usually the certificate, where appropriate, of the equipment was registered
change to a product that results in an alternative construction that is described in the certificate documentation
user of the equipment
repair facility
facility providing a service that consists of repairs, overhauls, or reclamations of explosion- protected equipment who may be the manufacturer, the user or a third party (repair agency)
document that assures the conformity of a product, process, system, person, or organization with specified requirements
NOTE The certificate may be either the suppliers declaration of conformity or the purchaser’s recognition of conformity or certification (as a result of action by a third party) as defined in ISO/IEC 17000.
certificate references
a certificate reference number may refer to a single design or a range of equipment of similar
symbol “X”
symbol used to denote specific conditions of use
NOTE The symbol X is used to provide a means of identifying that essential information for the installation, use, and maintenance of the equipment is contained within the certificate. Therefore, the certificate documents should be studied before such equipment is installed, repaired. overhauled, reclaimed, altered or modified.
copy winding
process by which a winding is totally or partially replaced by another, the characteristics and properties of which are at least as good as those of the original.AS NZS 3800 pdf download.