AS NZS 1170.2:2021 Structural design actions Part 2: Wind actions.
AS NZS 1170.2 sets out procedures for determining wind speeds and resulting wind actions to be used in the structural design of structures subjected to wind actions other than those caused by tornadoes. The Standard covers structures within the following criteria:
Buildings and towers less than or equal to 200 m high.
Structures with unsupported roof spans of less than 100 m.
Offshore structures within 30 km from the nearest coastline.
Other structures apart from: offshore structures more than 30 km from the nearest coastline, bridges, windfarm structures and power transmission and distribution structures, including supporting towers and poles.
NOTE 1 This Standard is a stand-alone document for structures within the above criteria. It may be used, in general, for all structures but other information may be necessary.
NOTE 2 If a tall building has a natural frequency less than 1 Hz, Section 6 requires dynamic analysis to be carried out. For other structures, such as lighting poles, dynamic analysis may be required even if the first-mode frequency exceeds 1 Hz (see limits in Clause 6.1).
NOTE 3 For structures excluded by (a) and (b), specialist techniques, including wind-tunnel testing, are required. Further advice, which may include wind-tunnel testing, also should be sought for roofs with unusual geometries or support systems, or the roofs of podiums at the base of tall buildings.
NOTE 4 For structures excluded by (d), wind loads are specified by other Australian or New Zealand Standards (bridges and power transmission and distribution structures), or by international standards (structures more than 30 km offshore, and windfarm structures). These may draw on this Standard for some aspects of wind load determination.
NOTE 5 Structures on any island territory Australia and New Zealand, and offshore structures within 30 km of the shoreline of any of those territories, are covered by this Standard.
NOTE 6 In this document, the words “this Standard” indicates AS/NZS 1170.2, which is Part 2 the AS/NZS 1170 series (see Preface).
1.2 Application
This Standard shall be read in conjunction with AS/NZS 1170.0.
This Standard may be used as a means for demonstrating conformance with the requirements of Part Bi of the National Construction Code (Australia).
NOTE Use methods or information not given in this Standard should be justified by a special study (refer to AS/NZS 1170.0, Appendix A).AS NZS 1170.2 pdf download.