AS ISO 6396:2020 Earth-moving machinery – Determination of emission sound pressure level at operator’s position一Dynamic test conditions.
7.2.2 Cab without air-conditioning or pressurized ventilation system(s)
Measurements shall be taken with the doors and windows closed, then repeated with the doors and windows open. The higher measurement result from the two sets of data obtained shall be used as the reported value.
8 Acoustic measurements
8.1 Measurement procedure
The time-averaged A-weighted emission sound pressure level at the operator’s position shall be determined in accordance with Iso 11201.
For each mode of operation, as defined in ISO 6395:2008, Annexes B to L, for the particular machine, the time-averaged A-weighted emission sound pressure level shall be measured at the microphone position at least three times.
From these measurements, emission sound pressure levels (at least three) are calculated in accordance with ISO 11201 for the combined work cycle (see ISO 6395:2008, Annexes B to L) of the particular machine.
In order to meet the requirements of 8.2, measurements of additional work cycles may be necessary.
8.2 Determination of measurement result
If two of the three A-weighted values so obtained do not differ by more than 1 dB, further measurements are unnecessary. If this is not the case, continue taking measurements until two values within 1 dB of one another are obtained. The time-averaged A-weighted emission sound pressure level to be reported is the arithmetic mean of the two highest values that are within 1 dB of each other.
9 Information to be recorded
The following information shall be recorded.
a) Machinery under test:
— machine manufacturer;
— machine model number;
— machine serial number;
— type of fan-drive system(s), test method(s) used, as specified in ISO 6395:2008, 7.3 a), b) and c), including corresponding system maximum fan speed and fan speed(s) used during the test for each fan;
— machine arrangement, including major equipment and attachments, engine speed at maximum governor position (high idle), and gear ratios or control settings;
— set-up configuration and fan speed setting used as specified in 7.2 for machines with cabs;
— engine net power, in kilowatts, at the corresponding speed, as defined in 150 9249.
b) Acoustic environment:
— description of the test site and the type of test site measurement ground surface used, including a sketch showing the position of the machine;
— air temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity and wind velocity at the test site.AS ISO 6396 pdf download.