AS ISO 6014:2021 Earth-moving machinery一Determination of ground speed.
AS ISO 6014 specifies a method of determining the speed of earth-moving machinery. It applies to both wheeled and track-laying earth-moving machinery.
The test method specified may be used for many purposes; for each individual purpose the condition of the machine, for example laden or unladen, is to be stated in the test report.
2 Definitions
For the purposes of this International Standard, the following definitions apply.
test track
Area upon which the test is conducted.
test track length
Measured length of the track over which the speed is determined.
time recorder
Apparatus arranged to measure the time interval.
time interval
Time taken for the machine to travel the test track length.
machine speed
Average speed of the machine as it is driven over the test track length.
test speed
Mean value of the average speeds recorded in the individual tests.
Mass of the machine in the condition in which it is tested, including the mass of the operator and fuel.
3 Apparatus
Any equipment may be used to measure the speed of the machine provided that the accuracies specified in clause 5 are achieved. For example, the following equipment may be used (see the figure).
3.1 Light source, used to activate a photo-sensitive transistor. It may be an electric lamp fed by a battery, generator or mains supply.
3.2 Control box, linked to the photo-sensitive transistor and the electronic digital display timer, incorporating a switch to permit time measurements in either direction.
3.3 Electronic digital display timer (otherwise referred to as the variable time base counter), used to measure the time interval during which the machine under test traverses the test lengths of the track. NOTE — Alternatively, the time may be measured with stop-watch equipment.AS ISO 6014 pdf download.