AS ISO 3164:2020 Earth-moving machinery – Laboratory evaluations of protective structures – Specifications for deflection-limiting volume.
seat index point
point on the central vertical plane of the seat as determined by ISO 5353
locating axis
horizontal axis for positioning the DLV (3.1) with respect to the SIP (3.2)
4 DLV dimensions, use and accuracy
4.1 The dimensions of the orthogonal DLV shall be as shown in Figure 1 and the dimensions of the rounded DLV as shown in Figure 2.
4.2 The dimension from the SIP to the rear boundary of the DLV assumes that the seat has 150 mm lore—aft adjustment. The 210 mm dimension shall be reduced from 210 mm to 135 mm lithe seat does not have any fore—aft adjustment. lithe fore—aft seat adjustment is less than 150 mm, the 210 mm dimension shall be reduced by one half of the difference between 150 mm and the actual fore-aft seat adjustment.
4.3 ROPS (roll-over protective structure) and TOPS (tip-over protective structure) testing shall use either the rounded or the orthogonal DLV. FOPS (falling-object protective structure) testing shall use the orthogonal DLV or the rounded DLV with an added orthogonal top head plane.
4.4 During lateral loading for TOPS and ROPS testing, it is permissible for the upper portion of the DLV to be rotated laterally about the SIP up to 15° (see Table 1). During longitudinal loading for TOPS and ROPS testing, it is permissible for the upper portion of the DLV to be rotated forwards about the LA up to 15°. See the examples given in Figure 4. The portion below the SIP of the DLV does not rotate. If there is interference with any machine component, rotation of the DLV shall be limited to the angle at which the interference occurs.
5.2 For machines which have multiple seat locations and therefore multiple SIPs (see ISO 5353:1995,
5.3.3), the SIP used by the operator to move the machine in the travel mode shall be used.
5.3 The DLV shall be positioned so that the locating axis (LA) shown in Eiguri. passes through the SIP location as determined in 52. The DLV shall be centred transversely in the seat location with its principal axes horizontal and vertical (axes X’ and Z’ as defined in ISO 5353:1995, Figure 2).
5.4 The location of the LA of the DLV shall remain coincidental with the SIP even though that line can move during any or all of the laboratory loadings.
NOTE Machine controls and their components normally positioned in the DLV are not considered to violate the DLV.AS ISO 3164 pdf download.