AS ISO 30400:2020 Human resource management 一Vocabulary.
systematic method and procedure for ascertaining work-related knowledge, skills, abilities or other characteristics of people or a group of people, or the performance of people or a group of people
EXAMPLE Tests, assessment centres, instruments or tools used to assess (11.11) people in workplace (5..1) contexts.
[SOURCE: ISO 10667-1:2011, 2.2, modified]
job description
list of specific or general tasks, or functions, and goals or responsibilities of a position, as well as organizational conditions under which those tasks and functions are to be performed
Note ito entry: A job description can include the organizational structure.
activities necessary to move a candidate (11.9) from accepting an offer to the first day of employment
activities following pre-boarding (11.14), which typically occur on the first day of work
Note 1 to entry: The recruitment (ill) process ends when the candidate (119) reports for work and the requisition (112) is closed. The candidate becomes an employee on the first day he/she reports for work. On- boarding commences after the candidate reports to work, and is considered a separate process.
employ (verb)
engage the services of a person, or put a person to work
employer brand
organization’s reputation and differentiating characteristics as an employer within and outside the organization
talent mapping
diagramming the skills, knowledge, abilities of individuals or teams in relevant positions in other organizations
12 Terms related to workforce mobility
workforce mobility
relocation of people and/or work
localization compensation strategies
compensation approach that provides an international assignee with the same level of compensation provided to local nationals working in a similar capacity, sometimes with certain adjustments
outsource (verb)
make an arrangement where an external organization performs part of an organization’s function or process
Note ito entry: An external organization is outside the scope of the management system, although the outsourced function or process is within the scope.
job evaluation
process used to determine the externaL and internal value of a position within an organization
Note 1 to entry: Factors considered when evaluating a job position include: scope of responsibility; complexity of position; degree of impact; amount of supervision or managerial control, and leadership; required knowledge (education, experience, skills, corn petences ()); and autonomy (freedom to act and make decisions)
job satisfaction
degree of fulfilment anti/or contentment arising out of interplay of an employee’s positive and negative feelings towards his/her work
Note 1 to entry: Job satisfaction is a perception. Its behavioural expression can be observed and indirectly measured in surveys.AS ISO 30400 pdf download.