AS ISO 10667.1:2020 Assessment service delivery 一Procedures and methods to assess people in work and organizational settings Part 1: Requirements for the client.
5.4 Assessment delivery — Conducting the assessment
If assessment administrators are employed by the client, the client shall ensure that assessment administrators have the necessary competence based on verifiable experience, training, education or credentials and that, when administering an assessment to one or more individuals, assessment administrators follow the standardized procedures for the delivery of the assessment and document any deviations from those procedures.
The client, either directly or through the service provider, shall ensure that appropriate conditions are arranged for assessment administration, whether it be through face-to-face or remote, paper-based or computer-based assessments. Appropriate provision for assessment participant support shall be provided and relevant guidance issued to encourage the use of settings that are conducive to a fair and reliable assessment.
The client shall ensure that its employees that have a role in the assessment process follow the procedures and practices provided by the service provider.
If assessors are employed by the client, the client shall follow the service provider’s recommendations regarding the competence and qualifications of the assessors and relevant standards for good practice.
NOTE Depending upon the nature of the assessment, different persons can be involved in the collection of assessment data, the scoring of data, the combination of scores, and the interpretation of scores.
5.5 Assessment delivery — Interpreting and using results
When needed, the client should seek guidance from the service provider on how results are to be interpreted and used.
All assessment-related decisions are the responsibility of the client.
5.6 Assessment delivery — Providing feedback
The assessment participant shall have been notified during the informed consent process of whether or not feedback will be provided, the nature of the feedback, if any, and how it will be provided. Feedback shall include accurate and relevant information that enables the assessment participant or group or organization to understand the assessment results and how these results are to be used.
If detailed feedback is to be provided, the client shall work with the service provider to ensure that a competent person is made available to discuss results with the assessment participant or a group or an organization in a constructive and supportive manner.
5.7 Assessment delivery — Evaluating the assessment
The client shall execute its responsibilities for monitoring assessment data and the assessment process by ensuring that:
a) information indicating that errors or problems might have occurred, or the need for changes or other adjustments in the assessment process is reviewed (when errors are identified, steps shall be taken by all parties concerned to minimize any adverse consequences);
b) the evaluation criteria remain relevant and are being used properly;
c) good practice relative to the assessment is being used;
d) the legal defensibility appropriate to the country in which the client and service provider work and the country in which the assessment is taking place is maintained;
e) the assessment remains valid if the purpose of the assessment has changed;
f) equity of treatment of all relevant sub-groups is maintained.AS ISO 10667.1 pdf download.